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Molluscan Research
  An international journal for all branches of malacology
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Some recent scissurellids from the New Zealand region and remarks on some scissurellid genus group names (Mollusca : Gastropoda : Vetigastropoda)

B. A. Marshall

Molluscan Research 22(2) 165 - 181
Published: 03 September 2002


Taxonomic problems relating to interpretations of type species of Scissurella d'Orbigny, 1824, Schismope Jeffreys, 1856, Woodwardia Crosse & Fischer, 1861 and Sinezona Finlay, 1926 are discussed. Daizona Bandel, 1998 is interpreted as a synonym of Sinezona. Ariella campbelli Bandel, 1998 and Sinezona pacifica Bandel, 1998 are relegated to synonymy under Sinezona levigata (Iredale, 1908) and Sinezona pacifica (Oliver, 1915) respectively; Scissurella stellae Fleming, 1948 is synonymised with Scissurella prendrevillei Powell, 1933; and Scissurella prendrevillei, Scissurella fairchildi Powell, 1933, and Scissurella marshalli Bandel, 1998 are contrasted. A new species of Sinezona from north-eastern New Zealand is described and a neotype is designated for Sinezona pacifica (Oliver, 1915). Scissurella mantelli Woodward, 1859 is shown to have been consistently misidentified and the New Zealand species hitherto so identified is described as a new species of Thieleella Bandel, 1998. Three additional recent misidentifications of taxa from the New Zealand region are also indicated.

Keywords: Anatoma, distribution, new synonyms, new taxa, Schismope, Scissurella, Scissurellidae, Sinezona, Thieleella, Woodwardia.

Full text doi:10.1071/MR02008

© CSIRO 2002

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