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Taxonomy and identification of Lohora Moore (Lepidoptera : Satyrinae), the Sulawesi bush browns

R. I. Vane-Wright and Heleen Fermon

Invertebrate Systematics 17(1) 129 - 141
Published: 24 March 2003


A dichotomous key and revisional notes are presented for all 17 known species of Lohora Moore, a genus of satyrine butterflies endemic to the Sulawesi Region (Indonesia). Detailed information on primary type material of all taxa is included, together with description of a new species, L. anna, from Lore Lindu National Park previously misidentified in the literature as L. deianira (Hewitson). The recognition of some species, notably a complex centred on L. transiens (Fruhstorfer) that includes L. anna, sp. nov., is difficult and the rank of certain other taxa is problematic. A detailed revision remains necessary if this, the major endemic radiation of butterflies on Sulawesi, is to be better understood.

© CSIRO 2003

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