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The Ecology of Six Species of Littoral Gastropods. I. Associations between Species and Associations with Wave Action

GR Meyer and AK O'Gower

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 14(2) 176 - 193
Published: 1963


The abundances and distributions of the molluscs Austrocochlea constricta, Bembicium nanum, Cellana tramoserica, Melanerita melanotragus, Montfortula conoidea, and Morula marginalba were studied on three marine, tidal, rock platforms, which varied in their degree of exposure to the action of ocean waves. The abundances and distributions of A. constricta, B. nanum, C, tramoserica, Mn. conoidea, and Mr. Marginalba were associated with wave action, but this was not the case with MI. melanotragus. The distribution of Hormosira banksii affected the distribution of A. constricta and the distribution of B. nanum was affected by other undetermined, environmental factors. The results of this investigation are discussed in relation to present and future studies on the abundances and distributions of these six species of molluscs.

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