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Salinity tolerance and osmoregulation of Taeniomembers microstomus (Gunther, 1861) (Pisces: Mugiliformes: Atherinidae) from Australian salt lakes

LC Lui

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 20(2) 157 - 162
Published: 1969


Salinity tolerance and osmoregulation of a population of Taeniomembras microstomus were studied. Results indicated that this atherinid fish is extremely euryhaline. Probit analysis revealed that the upper and lower L.D.50 values for salinity were 108‰ and 3.3‰, respectively. Salinity tolerance was apparently independent of acclimation, Taeniomembras microstomus has remarkable hypo-osmoregulatory abilities. The freezing point depression of body fluid varied from 0.558º to 2.729º when fish were exposed to a salinity range of 5-120‰.

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