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A revision of the Emmelichthyidae (Pisces : Perciformes)

PC Heemstra and JE Randall

Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 28(3) 361 - 396
Published: 1977


The marine fish family Emmelichthyidae is redefined to include only the genera Emmelichthys (four species), Erythrocles (four species) and Plagiogeneion (two species). Two new species of Emmelichthys from the Pacific Ocean are described. Emmelichthys nitidus Richardson is divided into two subspecies: E. nitidus nitidus occurring from South Africa to New Zealand and E. nitidus cyanescens (Guichenot) from the Juan Fernandez Islands and coast of Chile. Descriptions and keys to the genera and species are provided.

© CSIRO 1977

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