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Length at maturity of the greeneye spurdog shark, Squalus mitsukurii (Elasmobranchii : Squalidae), from the SW Atlantic, with comparisons with other regions

Luis O. Lucifora, Juan L. Valero and Verónica B. García

Marine and Freshwater Research 50(7) 629 - 632
Published: 1999


Size at maturity is analysed for Squalus mitsukurii from the SW Atlantic. Males mature between 51 and 55 cm total length and females between 52 and 60 cm total length. Hence, S. mitsukurii appears to be intermediate in size at maturity among the SW Atlantic squalid sharks. This analysis adds evidence of the plasticity of S. mitsukurii in size at maturity. The length–weight relationship did not differ between sexes in the SW Atlantic population, whereas it differed in one population from the NW Pacific. Intersexual differences in size at maturity in the present study were lower than those reported for other regions.

Keywords: reproduction, geographic variability, life-history.

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