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Open Access

CSIRO Publishing supports both ‘Green’ and ‘Gold’ Open Access to help authors reach the broadest audience for their work and to facilitate unrestricted access to scholarly research. All Open Access articles undergo the same rigorous peer-review as those published under a subscription model.

Green Open Access

All journals published by CSIRO Publishing allow authors to deposit the Accepted version of their manuscript into an institutional repository or put it on a personal website, with no embargo.

The Accepted version is the author-created, peer-reviewed, accepted manuscript. The Publisher’s edited or typeset versions cannot be used. The institutional repository should be that of the institution employing the author at the time the work was conducted or PubMed Central. We ask that authors link to the published version on the CSIRO Publishing website, wherever possible.

Gold Open Access

The peer review and publishing services applied to all articles incur costs. Because these costs cannot be recovered from subscription revenue for Open Access content, we charge Open Access Fees.

There are three types of Gold Open Access available through CSIRO Publishing.

Author Publication Fees: Authors may choose to have an article published by paying a publication fee. Journals allowing Gold Open Access have an ‘Open Access’ link on their homepage located in the ‘For Authors’ section. Open Access Author Fees are separate from and additional to any other publication charges, such as colour printing or reprints. Our Author Publication Fee is AU$3000 (USD $2700).

Society-Sponsored Open Access: Some of our society partners have paid for portions of their journal to be published Open Access. The subscription price for that journal reflects only the portion of content not published Open Access.

Sponsored Issues or content: In some circumstances, Open Access for all or part of an issue may be sponsored by an external organisation or partner.

Gold Open Access articles are published under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 ( If you require a different Creative Commons Attribution please let us know. Those wanting to make derivatives or use content commercially can contact us to discuss your needs.

Gold Open Access articles:

  • may be viewed by anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world without the need for a current subscription
  • may be uploaded to any personal, institutional or public repository subject to acknowledgement of the author and journal in accordance with a CC-BY-NC-ND licence
  • may be shared, copied or redistributed in any medium or format
  • will appear in all available versions (electronic and paper) of the journal.

Choosing Open Access as an author

You are offered the choice of Open Access after your work is accepted for publication. All of our articles enjoy the same:

  • rigorous peer-review
  • expert editorial advice to improve your work
  • professional production services
  • loading to CrossRef and appropriate Abstracting and Indexing Services.

Speak to your Production Editor when they contact you on acceptance of your article.