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General Information

Referees deserve immense praise and appreciation because they are undertaking an exacting task on a voluntary basis. We are very grateful for their time and efforts in doing constructive reviews. Our journal´s quality depends heavily on the high quality of its peer reviews, and referees play a fundamental and usually anonymous role in the refinement and communication of our science.

Respectful of the rights of authors and our obligations to our readers, we trust referees will be prompt, courteous and fair, treating the manuscript, review and recommendation as confidential. We ask that reviews for the Journal be completed within 3-4 weeks of the acceptance to review. However, we also understand that unexpected delays can occur and we ask that if an extension of time is needed, the referee contact the Editor or relevant Associate Editor immediately.

Referees are listed each year in the Annual Referee Index without any indication of the paper that they have reviewed (although referees can be excluded from this list if they wish). The Journal takes this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the vital contribution that referees make, and the debt owed by authors and the Editorial Board.