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How to Submit a Review

The section ´For Referees´ is available as a PDF file and may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is free and can be installed from Adobe´s web site.

When you are invited to review a manuscript, you will be contacted via email and asked to log into the online journal management system OSPREY. You can accept this invitation to review and download the paper after logging into OSPREY and entering your username and password.

Accepting to review
Once logged in, click on ´Reviewer (1 tasks)´ on the left, then click on ´Invitation to Review´. Click on ´View Manuscript File(s)´ to access the manuscript file for printing or downloading (do this before clicking ´Accept´ and ´Submit´). Open the manuscript by clicking on ´manuscript.pdf´. Then you can save it to your computer from the open file.

If you find that ´Invitation to Review´ has changed to ´Submit Review´, this is not a problem. You can retrieve the manuscript by clicking on ´Submit Review´, then on ´View Manuscript File(s)´, and finally on ´manuscript.pdf´.

To accept to review this manuscript, close the window where you found ´manuscript.pdf´, click on the ´Accept´ button, and then click ´Submit´. The screen will refresh automatically and display ´Submit Review´ to complete the task. If you do not wish to complete it at this time, you can log out by clicking on ´Save and submit later´.

To decline to review, you can do this either on the website or by emailing the Associate Editor or Editor directly. It is greatly appreciated if you can recommend alternative referees, please.

If you have questions or problems, contact

Submitting the review
Most referees prefer to print out the manuscript, read it and consider the contents, and then prepare their comments to authors and editors using their word processor (see Referee Guidelines).

To submit your review, log in again and click on ´Reviewer (1 tasks)´ and then on ´Submit Review´. (´Invitation to Review´ changes to ´Submit Review´ once you agree to review the paper.) Please answer the general tick-box questions, then submit your full comments in the panels provided. We recommend that you paste your comments into the relevant sections (Comments to the Author and Confidential Comments) from your Word document. You can upload a marked copy of the manuscript along with your review.

Note that the system responds to lack of activity and you will be logged out after an hour so anything you´ve entered will not be saved. If you need to stop during submission of your review, be sure to click on ´Save and Complete Later´. You will then be able to log in again later, click on ´Submit Review´ as above and continue to upload your comments. If you encounter problems at any stage of the process, or prefer to send your review by email or regular mail, you can send it to the Associate Editor or Editor directly.