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Natural Environment : Natural Resources

New and Forthcoming

  Airborne Surveys and Monitoring of the Earth – Application to the Mitigation of Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards
       new product
  Flooded Forest and Desert Creek
  forthcoming product
  Forests in Our Changing World
  forthcoming product
  Gemstones and Minerals of Australia
       new product
  Ten Commitments Revisited
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Adaptive Environmental Management   Adaptive Environmental Management
Catherine Allan, George H. Stankey
With a view to facilitating better practice, this handbook combines the latest in adaptive management theory with detailed case studies.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096905 - AU $120.00    
Agroforestry for Natural Resource Management   Agroforestry for Natural Resource Management
Ian Nuberg, Brendan George, Rowan Reid
Illustrates the principles underlying the integration of trees into landscapes for environmental and productive purposes.

Paperback & DVD - ISBN:9780643092242 - AU $ 94.95    
Atlas of Climate Change   The Atlas of Climate Change
Kirstin Dow, Thomas E. Downing
The updated third edition of this of this highly acclaimed atlas on climate change.

Paperback - ISBN:9781849712170 - AU $ 29.95    
Australasian Nature Photography   Australasian Nature Photography
South Australian Museum
Showcases the best photographs of animals, plants and landscapes taken in Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643101166 - AU $ 39.95    
Australian Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)   Australian Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)
Adam Slipinski
Dr Adam Slipinski, Australia's ladybird beetle specialist, illustrates Australia's diverse and fascinating ladybird beetle fauna.

Australian Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Volume 1   Australian Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
Volume 1

Adam Slipinski, Hermes Escalona
Provides a general introduction to the Australian Cerambycidae with sections on biology, phylogeny and morphology of adult and larvae.

Hardback - ISBN:9781486300037 - AU $150.00    
Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook   Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook
National Committee on Soil and Terrain
Specifies methods, standards and terminology used in soil and land survey investigations.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643093959 - AU $ 69.95    
Australian Soils and Landscapes   Australian Soils and Landscapes
Neil McKenzie, David Jacquier, Ray Isbell, Katharine Brown
A unique compendium of the most important and widespread soils of Australia and their associated landscapes.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643069589 - AU $ 99.95    
Beyond Drought   Beyond Drought
Linda Courtenay Botterill, Melanie Fisher
Challenges the traditional view of drought as a natural disaster, advocating a policy approach based on risk management.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643069541 - AU $ 34.95    
Biodiversity: Integrating Conservation and Production   Biodiversity: Integrating Conservation and Production
Ted Lefroy, Kay Bailey, Greg Unwin, Tony Norton
A collection of 17 case studies on Australia’s experience with community based environmental conservation.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643094581 - AU $ 89.95    
Burning Issues   Burning Issues
Mark Adams, Peter Attiwill
The role of fire in Australia's ecosystems, and how to manage fire both for safety and for diversity.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643094437 - AU $ 49.95    
Bush Capital Year   A Bush Capital Year
Ian Fraser, Peter Marsack
Follows a year in the nature reserves, rural and suburban areas of the ACT.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643101555 - AU $ 49.95    
Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals   Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals
Patti Polk
Colourful and easy-to-use reference guide dedicated to collecting rocks, gems and minerals.

Paperback - ISBN:9781440232718 - AU $ 24.99    
Coming Famine   The Coming Famine
Julian Cribb
A strong and positive call to action to address an impending planetary food crisis.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643100404 - AU $ 29.95    
Contested Country   Contested Country
Marcus B Lane, Cathy Robinson, Bruce Taylor
Leading researchers critically review Australia's environmental management over the past decade.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643095861 - AU $ 79.95    
Continent in Crisis   Continent in Crisis

Cotton Catchment Communities CRC – Research Outcomes & Innovation (Part 1)   Cotton Catchment Communities CRC – Research Outcomes & Innovation (Part 1)
Guy Roth, Peter Gregg, Jane Trindall
Records some of the collaborative research undertaken by the Cotton CRC research teams.

Paperback - ISBN:CP64/08 - AU $ 75.00    
Cotton Catchment Communities CRC – Research Outcomes & Innovation (Part 2)   Cotton Catchment Communities CRC – Research Outcomes & Innovation (Part 2)
Guy Roth, Jane Trindall, Paula Jones
Records some of the collaborative research undertaken by the Cotton CRC research teams.

Paperback - ISBN:CP64/11/12 - AU $125.00    
Critique of Silviculture   A Critique of Silviculture
Klaus J Puettmann, K David Coates, Christian Messier
New ideas in ecology have implications for managing forest ecosystems.

Paperback - ISBN:9781597261463 - AU $ 59.95    
Desert Energy   Desert Energy
Alasdair Cameron
Examines the key technologies being deployed in an effort to tap the potential presented by world's deserts for siting large-scale solar power applications.

Hardback - ISBN:9781849711845 - AU $ 80.00    
Diversifying Food and Diets   Diversifying Food and Diets
Jessica Fanzo, Danny Hunter, Teresa Borelli, Federico Mattei
Explores the current state of knowledge on the role of agricultural biodiversity in improving nutrition and food security through improved dietary quality.

Paperback - ISBN:9781849714570 - AU $ 80.00    
Ecohydrology   Ecohydrology
Derek Eamus, Tom Hatton, Peter Cook, Christine Colvin
Explains the links between vegetation using ecophysiological knowledge, and the movement, availability and location of water in Australian landscapes.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643068346 - AU $150.00    
Ecological World View   The Ecological World View
Charles Krebs
Examines how the natural world works and how humans interact with the planet’s natural ecosystems.

Ecosystem Goods and Services from Plantation Forests   Ecosystem Goods and Services from Plantation Forests
Jürgen Bauhus, Peter van der Meer, Markku Kanninen
The first book to examine explicitly the non-timber goods and services provided by plantation forests.

Hardback - ISBN:9781849711685 - AU $120.00    
Effective Ecological Monitoring   Effective Ecological Monitoring
David B Lindenmayer, Gene E Likens
Describes what makes successful and unsuccessful long-term monitoring programs.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096837 - AU $ 49.95    
Eucalypts   Eucalypts
John Wrigley, Murray Fagg
A superbly illustrated celebration of the beauty and diversity of Australia's most iconic and best-known trees.

Paperback - ISBN:9781743310809 - AU $ 39.99    
Farming Action: Catchment Reaction   Farming Action: Catchment Reaction
J Williams, RA Hook, HL Gascoigne
Provides a comprehensive technical overview of the relationships between dryland farming systems and catchment land and water quality in Australia.

Fifty Minerals that Changed the Course of History   Fifty Minerals that Changed the Course of History
Eric Chaline
A beautifully presented guide to the minerals that have shaped and defined our lives.

Hardback - ISBN:9781742379500 - AU $ 35.00    
Food, Globalization and Sustainability   Food, Globalization and Sustainability
Peter Oosterveer, David A. Sonnenfeld
An overview of the principal conceptual frameworks developed for understanding changes in global food production and consumption.

Paperback - ISBN:9781849712613 - AU $ 69.00    
Forecasting Forest Futures   Forecasting Forest Futures
Hamish Kimmins, Juan A Blanco, Brad Seely, Clive Welham, Kim Scoullar
Describes the hybrid approach to modelling forest ecosystems and their possible response to natural and management-induced disturbance.

Hardback - ISBN:9781844079223 - AU $156.00    
Forest Conservation Genetics   Forest Conservation Genetics
Andrew Young, David Boshier, Timothy Boyle
Draws together much previously uncollected information relevant to managing and conserving forests.

Forest Pattern and Ecological Process   Forest Pattern and Ecological Process
David Lindenmayer
A major synthesis of 25 years of intensive research about the montane ash forests of Victoria.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096608 - AU $120.00    
Gemstones in Victoria   Gemstones in Victoria
Bill Birch, Dermot Henry
Describes the history of gems in Victoria being inextricably linked to the discovery of gold in 1851.

Paperback - ISBN:9781921833069 - AU $ 29.95    
Geoarchaeology of Aboriginal Landscapes in Semi-arid Australia   Geoarchaeology of Aboriginal Landscapes in Semi-arid Australia
Simon Holdaway, Patricia Fanning
Examines the ways in which Aboriginal people interacted with their environment in the past at Fowlers Gap Station.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643108943 - AU $ 69.95    
Gift Vouchers   Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a book or subscription to give as a present, but aren’t sure what to choose?

Voucher - ISBN:BVoucher25 - AU $ 25.00    
Guidelines for Evaluating Water in Pit Slope Stability   Guidelines for Evaluating Water in Pit Slope Stability
John Read, Geoff Beale
Details the hydrogeological procedures that should be followed when performing open pit slope stability design studies.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643108356 - AU $195.00    
Guidelines for Surveying Soil and Land Resources   Guidelines for Surveying Soil and Land Resources
NJ McKenzie, MJ Grundy, R Webster, AJ Ringrose-Voase
Provides guidelines to promote the development and implementation of consistent methods for conducting soil and land resource surveys.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643090910 - AU $150.00    
Holistic Management Handbook   Holistic Management Handbook
Jody Butterfield, Sam Bingham, Allan Savory
Shows how to profitably restore and promote the health of your land through practices that mimic nature.

Paperback - ISBN:9781559638852 - AU $ 49.95    
Holistic Management   Holistic Management
Allan Savory, Jody Butterfield
Profitably restore and promote the health of your land through practices that mimic nature.

Paperback - ISBN:9781559634885 - AU $ 70.00    
Integrated Mission-directed Research   Integrated Mission-directed Research
Wendy Proctor
Provides methods, case studies and lessons on the integration of different fields of scientific research.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096943 - AU $ 99.95    
Introduction to Sustainable Resource Use   An Introduction to Sustainable Resource Use
Callum Hill
Explores the challenges our society faces in making the transition to renewable resource use in a way that is truly sustainable.

Paperback - ISBN:9781844079278 - AU $ 59.95    
Land Use Intensification   Land Use Intensification
Saul Cunningham, Andrew Young, David Lindenmayer
Can science suggest new approaches to reducing the conflict between productive land use and biodiversity conservation?

Paperback - ISBN:9780643104075 - AU $ 49.95    
Landscape Logic   Landscape Logic
Allan Curtis, Anthony Jakeman, James McKee, Ted Lefroy
Case studies examine the effectiveness of environmental programs to improve our waterways, soils and natural vegetation.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643103542 - AU $ 49.95    
Limits to Scarcity   The Limits to Scarcity
Lyla Mehta
Theoretical and empirical chapters by leading academics and scholar-activists grapple with the issues surrounding scarcity.

Paperback - ISBN:9781844075423 - AU $ 47.95    
Linking Australia's Landscapes   Linking Australia's Landscapes
James Fitzsimons, Ian Pulsford, Geoff Wescott
A critical examination of networks of land managed for conservation across Australia.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643107045 - AU $ 89.95    
Living in a Warmer World   Living in a Warmer World
Jim Salinger
Looks beyond the debate over how and why, and describes what is actually happening as our world gets warmer.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486300280 - AU $ 35.00    
Management of Dryland Salinity   Management of Dryland Salinity

Paperback - ISBN:9780643066113 - AU $ 30.00    
Managing and Conserving Grassy Woodlands   Managing and Conserving Grassy Woodlands
S McIntyre, JG McIvor, KM Heard
Describes principles that will enable landholders to maintain or increase productivity without compromising ecological sustainability.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643091207 - AU $ 44.95    
Managing Arsenic in the Environment   Managing Arsenic in the Environment
Ravi Naidu, Euan Smith, Gary Owens, Prosun Bhattacharya, Peter Nadebaum
An authorative overview of arsenic contamination, its impacts and the latest risk management and remediation strategies.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643068681 - AU $190.00    
Managing Climate Change   Managing Climate Change
Imogen Jubb, Paul Holper, Wenju Cai
Provides an important snapshot of the issues presented at the Greenhouse 2009 conference.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643098312 - AU $130.00    
Managing Forests as Complex Adaptive Systems   Managing Forests as Complex Adaptive Systems
Christian Messier, Klaus J Puettmann, K David Coates
Links the emerging concepts of complexity, complex adaptive system (CAS) and resilience to forest ecology and management.

Hardback - ISBN:9780415519779 - AU $150.00    
Minerals, Metals and Sustainability   Minerals, Metals and Sustainability
WJ Rankin
Examines the role of minerals in modern society and the implications of sustainable development for the minerals industry.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643097261 - AU $120.00    
Nature Conservation   Nature Conservation
C Margules, M Austin

New Forests   New Forests
Sadanandan Nambiar, Ian Ferguson
Creating new forests for commercial wood production and environmental benefits.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643069404 - AU $ 54.95    
People, Sheep and Nature Conservation   People, Sheep and Nature Conservation
Jamie Kirkpatrick, Kerry Bridle
Focuses on the interactions between people, sheep and nature in the run country of Tasmania.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643093720 - AU $ 39.95    
Practical Conservation Biology   Practical Conservation Biology
David Lindenmayer, Mark Burgman
Reflects the latest thinking on topics central to conservation biology and natural resource management.

Regolith Science   Regolith Science
Keith Scott, Colin Pain
A comprehensive reference on regolith geoscience for geology, geography and soil science graduates.

Renewable Energy Systems   Renewable Energy Systems
Dilwyn Jenkins
This book is the long awaited guide to the possible for anyone interested in renewables at home or work.

Hardback - ISBN:9781849713696 - AU $ 92.00    
Resilience and Transformation   Resilience and Transformation
Steven Cork
Explores what factors contribute to Australia's resilience, what trends are apparent, and what actions are required to better prepare us.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643098121 - AU $ 44.95    
Resilience Thinking   Resilience Thinking
Brian Walker, David Salt
Offers a new way of understanding the world and a new approach to managing resources.

Paperback - ISBN:9781597260930 - AU $ 39.95    
Restoring Disturbed Landscapes   Restoring Disturbed Landscapes
David J Tongway, John A Ludwig
A hands-on guide for individuals and groups seeking to improve the functional capacity of landscapes.

Paperback - ISBN:9781597265812 - AU $ 49.95    
Social Assessment in Natural Resource Management Institutions   Social Assessment in Natural Resource Management Institutions
Marcus Lane, Allan Dale, Nick Taylor
Outlines and analyses how social assessment has been integrated within natural resource management institutions to date.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643065581 - AU $ 64.95    
Soil Chemical Methods - Australasia   Soil Chemical Methods - Australasia
George E Rayment, David J Lyons
Describes over 200 laboratory and field chemical tests relevant to Australasia and beyond.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643067684 - AU $150.00    
Soil Physical Measurement and Interpretation for Land Evaluation   Soil Physical Measurement and Interpretation for Land Evaluation
Neil McKenzie, Keppel Coughlan, Hamish Cresswell
Provides a standard set of methods that are suited to land resource survey.

State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture   The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAO's first flagship publication on the global status of land and water resources.

Paperback - ISBN:9781849713276 - AU $ 87.00    
Sustainability Unpacked   Sustainability Unpacked
Kristiina A Vogt, Toral Patel-Weynand, Maura Shelton, Daniel J Vogt, John C Gordon, Calvin T Mukumoto, Asep S Suntana, Patricia A Roads
Examines and decodes some of the basic elements of sustainability.

Paperback - ISBN:9781844079018 - AU $ 84.00    
Temperate Woodland Conservation and Management   Temperate Woodland Conservation and Management
David Lindenmayer, Andrew Bennett, Richard Hobbs
Summarises key insights in the science, management and policy arenas associated with Australian temperate woodlands.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643100374 - AU $ 89.95    
Ten Commitments   Ten Commitments
David Lindenmayer, Stephen Dovers, Molly Harriss Olson, Steve Morton
Leading environmental thinkers speak on environmental issues facing Australia.

Towards Forest Sustainability   Towards Forest Sustainability
David Lindenmayer, Jerry Franklin
A collection of practical essays by some of the world’s leading forest ecologists and managers.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643068322 - AU $ 44.95    
Trees for Saltland   Trees for Saltland
N Marcar, D Crawford, P Leppert, T Jovanovic, R Floyd, R Farrow
Aims to assist in the management of soil salinity by describing a range of species tolerant of saline soils.

Urban Consumption   Urban Consumption
Peter Newton
Explores the prospect for winding back current levels of household consumption in high income societies.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096875 - AU $110.00    
Value of Water in a Drying Climate   The Value of Water in a Drying Climate
Tor Hundloe, Christine Crawford
Are we making the best use of water? How do we judge this?

Paperback - ISBN:9780643101609 - AU $ 59.95    
Visualizing Climate Change   Visualizing Climate Change
Stephen R J Sheppard
Using spectacular visual imagery, this book demonstrates new ways to make carbon and climate change visible in our own backyards.

Paperback - ISBN:9781844078202 - AU $125.00    
Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society   The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society
Arjen Hoekstra
Shows how the water footprint concept can be used to quantify and map the water use behind consumption and how it can guide reduction of water use to a sustainable level.

Paperback - ISBN:9781849714273 - AU $ 49.95    
Water Policy in Australia   Water Policy in Australia
Lin Crase
Presents a comprehensive account of the country’s critical water issues and provides expert perspectives from behavioral and institutional economists, engineers, hydrologists, sociologists, and water law specialists.

Paperback - ISBN:9781933115986 - AU $ 75.00    
What the Frack?   What the Frack?
Paddy Manning
An expert journalist unpicks the coal seam gas extraction story.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742233659 - AU $ 14.99    
Wildlife Damage Control   Wildlife Damage Control
Jim Hone
Documents the principles across species with a damaged-based approach, and demonstrates practical applications.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643069596 - AU $ 94.95    

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