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Gardening & Horticulture : Trees, Shrubs & Grasses

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Australia's Poisonous Plants, Fungi and Cyanobacteria   Australia's Poisonous Plants, Fungi and Cyanobacteria
Ross McKenzie
A full-colour, comprehensive guide to the major poisonous plants in Australia affecting both livestock and humans.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643092679 - AU $195.00    
Australian Garden Rescue   Australian Garden Rescue
Mary Horsfall
How to rescue your garden if it has been damaged by natural phenomena, pest attacks or prolonged neglect.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486300006 - AU $ 39.95    
Australian Grasses   Australian Grasses
Nick Romanowski
Describes around 200 species of grasses, sedges, rushes, grasstrees and related plants.

Paperback - ISBN:9781864471168 - AU $ 29.95    
Australian Native Plants   Australian Native Plants
John W Wrigley, Murray Fagg
Handy, concise edition of the phenomenally successful Australian Native Plants.

Paperback - ISBN:9781877069406 - AU $ 45.00    
Australian Native Plants   Australian Native Plants
Mark Webb
All about Western Australian plants, based on decades of research, experimentation and application at Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643103214 - AU $ 39.95    
Australian Native Plants   Australian Native Plants
John W Wrigley, Murray Fagg
A new edition of this classic book for gardeners containing 100 new plant profiles and updated photographs.

Hardback - ISBN:9781921517150 - AU $ 99.99    
Australian Planting Design   Australian Planting Design
Paul Thompson
This second edition identifies and explores all aspects of developing better planting designs on any scale.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643107014 - AU $ 39.95    
Australian Rainforest Woods   Australian Rainforest Woods
Morris Lake
A comprehensive guide to 141 of the most significant Australian rainforest trees and their wood.

Hardback - ISBN:9781486301799 - AU $ 69.95    
Cabaret of Plants   The Cabaret of Plants
Richard Mabey
Mabey's Magnum Opus: an in-depth, beautifully-written and insightful exploration of humans and plants, from the author of Flora Britannica.

Hardback - ISBN:9781861976628 - AU $ 45.00    
Creating an Australian Garden   Creating an Australian Garden
Angus Stewart
A gloriously illustrated guide to planning the design and choosing the right plants to make a rich and sumptuous garden featuring Australian natives from the ABC Australian garden guru.

Paperback - ISBN:9781743310236 - AU $ 35.00    
Dictionary of Science for Gardeners   The Dictionary of Science for Gardeners
Michael Allaby
Defines more than 6,000 words from 16 branches of science that are of particular interest to gardeners.

Hardback - ISBN:9781604694833 - AU $ 59.99    
Espalier   Espalier
Allen Gilbert
Create beautiful, productive garden walls and fences, and optimise space in small gardens, patios and balconies with innovative espalier techniques.

Paperback - ISBN:9781864471090 - AU $ 29.95    
Eucalypt Flowers   Eucalypt Flowers
John Wrigley
Features more than 100 stunning images, drawn from the collections of the National Library of Australia.

Paperback - ISBN:9780642277671 - AU $ 34.99    
Eucalypts   Eucalypts
John Wrigley, Murray Fagg
A superbly illustrated celebration of the beauty and diversity of Australia's most iconic and best-known trees.

Paperback - ISBN:9781743310809 - AU $ 39.99    
Forest Trees of Australia   Forest Trees of Australia
DJ Boland, MIH Brooker, GM Chippendale, N Hall, BPM Hyland, RD Johnston, DA Kleinig, MW McDonald, JD Turner
The classic Australian guide – now fully revised and updated with nearly 300 of Australia’s most important native trees.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643069695 - AU $150.00    
From Seeds to Leaves   From Seeds to Leaves
Doug Stewart, Robin Stewart
A comprehensive guide to planting Australian native trees and shrubs on a small or large scale.

Paperback - ISBN:9781863952255 - AU $ 27.95    
Gift Vouchers   Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a book or subscription to give as a present, but aren’t sure what to choose?

Voucher - ISBN:BVoucher25 - AU $ 25.00    
Grow a Little Fruit Tree   Grow a Little Fruit Tree
Ann Ralph
Grow your own apples, plums, cherries, and peaches in even the smallest backyard!

Paperback - ISBN:9781612120546 - AU $ 22.99    
Jackie French's Guide to Companion Planting   Jackie French's Guide to Companion Planting
Jackie French
Companion planting works but only when you know why.

Paperback - ISBN:9780947214654 - AU $ 18.95    
Life in a Gall   Life in a Gall
Rosalind Blanche
Introduces the Australian native insects that induce galls on plants and the plant species that host them.

Mistletoes of Southern Australia   Mistletoes of Southern Australia
David M Watson
The definitive authority on all 46 species of mistletoe found in southern Australia.

Native Plants of Adelaide   The Native Plants of Adelaide
Phil Bagust, Lynda Tout-Smith
Aims to bring Adelaide's very beautiful indigenous flora back into the spotlight for nature enthusiasts and home gardeners alike.

Paperback - ISBN:9781862548794 - AU $ 24.95    
New Ornamental Garden   The New Ornamental Garden
Simon Rickard
A practical, fresh look at garden-worthy plants for Australian conditions.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643095960 - AU $ 39.95    
Pests, Diseases and Beneficials   Pests, Diseases and Beneficials
F David Hockings AM
Helps gardeners identify and deal with common insects and small animals that are found in every Australian garden.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486300211 - AU $ 39.95    
Pruning for Flowers and Fruit   Pruning for Flowers and Fruit
Jane Varkulevicius
The best groomed and most productive garden is easy when you know how your plants work and what to prune when.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643095762 - AU $ 39.95    
Redwoods of the Otway Ranges   The Redwoods of the Otway Ranges
Roger Smith
Tells the remarkable story of one of the world’s tallest tree species growing in the spectacular Great Otway National Park in Victoria.

Paperback - ISBN:9781921737138 - AU $ 32.95    
Starting Out with Palms   Starting Out with Palms
David L Jones
A great introduction to palms and their cultivation – especially palms suitable for home gardens and containers.

Paperback - ISBN:9781877069727 - AU $ 24.95    
Weed Book   The Weed Book
Mark A Wolff
Learn how to easily identify and understand some of our more common garden weeds.

Paperback - ISBN:9781877069932 - AU $ 24.99    

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