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Food & Agriculture : Farm Management

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4WD Driving Skills   4WD Driving Skills
Vic Widman
An essential guide to safe and responsible 4-wheel driving.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643066243 - AU $ 29.95    
Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change   Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change
Chris Stokes, Mark Howden
A fundamental resource for preparing Australia's primary industries for the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643095953 - AU $ 64.95    
Agroforestry for Natural Resource Management   Agroforestry for Natural Resource Management
Ian Nuberg, Brendan George, Rowan Reid
Illustrates the principles underlying the integration of trees into landscapes for environmental and productive purposes.

Paperback & DVD - ISBN:9780643092242 - AU $ 94.95    
ATV Agskills   ATV Agskills
Jennifer Laffan
A basic guide to some of the skills needed in ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) operation and maintenance.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731305995 - AU $ 20.00    
Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook   Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook
National Committee on Soil and Terrain
Specifies methods, standards and terminology used in soil and land survey investigations.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643093959 - AU $ 69.95    
Australian Soil Fertility Manual   Australian Soil Fertility Manual
A practical manual explaining the basics of soil-plant relationships and the principles of fertilizer use.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643090217 - AU $ 74.95    
Australian Soils and Landscapes   Australian Soils and Landscapes
Neil McKenzie, David Jacquier, Ray Isbell, Katharine Brown
A unique compendium of the most important and widespread soils of Australia and their associated landscapes.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643069589 - AU $ 99.95    
Biochar Solution   The Biochar Solution
Albert K Bates
What if our agricultural practices could stabilise, or even reverse the effects of climate change?

Paperback - ISBN:9780865716773 - AU $ 29.95    
Building a Shed   Building a Shed
Joseph Truini
Offers a range of building options, with complete instructions and plans for four popular projects.

Paperback - ISBN:9781561589661 - AU $ 34.99    
Business Management for Tropical Dairy Farmers   Business Management for Tropical Dairy Farmers
John Moran
Gives smallholder dairy farmers the business management skills they will need to remain sustainable.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643095168 - AU $ 49.95    
Chainsaw Operator's Manual   Chainsaw Operator's Manual
The ultimate guide to basic chainsaw operating techniques covering safety, maintenance and cross-cutting.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643097414 - AU $ 29.95    
Changing Land Management   Changing Land Management
Frank Vanclay, David Pannell
Key insights for decision-makers as they assist rural communities adapting to changed circumstances.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643100381 - AU $ 79.95    
Common Dung Beetles in Pastures of South-eastern Australia   Common Dung Beetles in Pastures of South-eastern Australia
M Tyndale-Biscoe
A colourful, useful and easy-to-read account of dung beetles in south-eastern Australia.

Small Paperback - ISBN:9780643050907 - AU $ 54.95 Price includes standard postage within Australia and New Zealand.    
Community Bushfire Safety   Community Bushfire Safety
John Handmer, Katharine Haynes
The key social, political and human issues related to Australia’s on-going bushfire scenario.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643094260 - AU $ 49.95    
Defending the Social Licence of Farming   Defending the Social Licence of Farming
Jacqueline Williams, Paul Martin
The authors document the definition of and issues associated with the 'social licence to farm'.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643101593 - AU $ 49.95    
Dryland Salinity: The Farmer’s Guide   Dryland Salinity: The Farmer’s Guide

Paperback - ISBN:9780731305445 - AU $ 36.00    
Electric Fencing   Electric Fencing

Contains 14 chapters including advantages of electric fencing, safety, construction, testing and animal control.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306244 - AU $ 25.00    
Essential Bushfire Safety Tips   Essential Bushfire Safety Tips
Joan Webster OAM
This completely updated edition lists approximately 3000 tips to help you make an effective bushfire plan.

Small Paperback - ISBN:9780643107809 - AU $ 29.95 Price includes standard postage within Australia and New Zealand.    
Farm Agskills   Farm Agskills

Provides a basic guide to some of the skills and practices of farming and contains step-by-step instructions, diagrams and full-colour pictures.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731305889 - AU $ 27.00    
Farm Water   Farm Water

For anyone who wants the best from their water supplies in a rural area.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742562612 - AU $ 28.00    
Feedpads for Grazing Dairy Cows   Feedpads for Grazing Dairy Cows
John Moran, Scott McDonald
Comprehensive guide to the use of feedpads in the dairy industry, written especially for farmers.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643097681 - AU $ 49.95    
Fencing   Fencing

Contains 12 chapters and over 120 diagrams covering building a fence.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306220 - AU $ 25.00    
Fertiliser Essentials   Fertiliser Essentials
NSW Department of Primary Industries
A practical guide to the wise and effective use of fertilisers.

Hardback - ISBN:9780731306022 - AU $ 36.00    
Financial Management for Agribusiness   Financial Management for Agribusiness
WJ Obst, R Graham, G Christie
Presents a practical approach to financial decision making for all those involved in agribusiness.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643092952 - AU $ 69.95    
Getting Started in Private Native Forestry   Getting Started in Private Native Forestry

A 'how-to' guide on assessing and managing your bush and its products for long-term profit and sustainability.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306305 - AU $ 25.00    
Gift Vouchers   Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a book or subscription to give as a present, but aren’t sure what to choose?

Voucher - ISBN:BVoucher25 - AU $ 25.00    
Global Farms Race   The Global Farms Race
Michael Kugelman, Susan L Levenstein
As we struggle to feed a global population speeding toward 9 billion, we have entered a new phase of the food crisis.

Paperback - ISBN:9781610911870 - AU $ 34.95    
Growing Crops with Reclaimed Wastewater   Growing Crops with Reclaimed Wastewater
Daryl Stevens
The definitive Australian reference on the principles of using reclaimed wastewater for agricultural purposes.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643066250 - AU $140.00    
Holistic Management Handbook   Holistic Management Handbook
Jody Butterfield, Sam Bingham, Allan Savory
Shows how to profitably restore and promote the health of your land through practices that mimic nature.

Paperback - ISBN:9781559638852 - AU $ 49.95    
How to Write a Business Plan and Review Farm Performance   How to Write a Business Plan and Review Farm Performance

Shows how to build your own comprehensive business plan, step-by-step.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306282 - AU $ 25.00    
Insects of Stored Grain   Insects of Stored Grain
David Rees
A pocket reference for the non-specialist, providing information on major insect and arachnid pests found in stored grain.

Small Paperback - ISBN:9780643093850 - AU $ 24.95 Spiral Bound. Price includes standard postage within Australia and New Zealand.    
Interpreting Soil Test Results   Interpreting Soil Test Results
Pam Hazelton, Brian Murphy
A handy, practical reference for anyone needing fast access to guidelines for interpreting soil test results.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643092259 - AU $ 64.95    
Livestock in a Changing Landscape, Volume 2   Livestock in a Changing Landscape, Volume 2
Pierre Gerber, Harold Mooney, Jeroen Dijkman, Shirley Tarawali, Cees de Haan
Present new, sustainable approaches to the challenges created by fundamental shifts in livestock management and production.

Paperback - ISBN:9781597266734 - AU $110.00    
Machinery Hygiene   Machinery Hygiene

Everything you need to know about inspecting and cleaning machinery that may contribute to the spread of weeds, pests or diseases.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742564852 - AU $ 25.00    
Managing for Healthy Soils   Managing for Healthy Soils

Explores the secrets of soil, our most basic agricultural resource.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742562544 - AU $ 34.00    
Marketing Agricultural Products and Services   Marketing Agricultural Products and Services
Brian Walsh
An overview of how marketing can be done better in a farming environment.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742560601 - AU $ 25.00    
Nature and Farming   Nature and Farming
David Norton FLS, Nick Reid
Outlines the key issues in developing and implementing practical approaches to safeguarding native biodiversity in rural areas.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643103252 - AU $ 69.95    
Organic Agriculture   Organic Agriculture
Paul Kristiansen, Acram Taji, John Reganold
Overview of current practices in organic agriculture with analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643090903 - AU $130.00    
Organic Farming: An Introduction   Organic Farming: An Introduction

How to farm in a way that cares for the environment, without using synthetic chemicals.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306114 - AU $ 36.00    
Organic Farming: Crops, Fruits and Vegetables   Organic Farming: Crops, Fruits and Vegetables

Principles of organic cropping plus extensive case studies for a range of enterprises.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306121 - AU $ 34.00    
People, Sheep and Nature Conservation   People, Sheep and Nature Conservation
Jamie Kirkpatrick, Kerry Bridle
Focuses on the interactions between people, sheep and nature in the run country of Tasmania.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643093720 - AU $ 39.95    
Precision Agriculture for Grain Production Systems   Precision Agriculture for Grain Production Systems
Brett Whelan, James Taylor
Explains general Precision Agriculture theory, identifies and describes essential tools and techniques, and includes practical examples from the grains industry.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643107472 - AU $ 75.00    
Principles of Cattle Production   Principles of Cattle Production
Clive JC Phillips
Covers the welfare and environmental implications of producing cattle.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643098367 - AU $ 84.95    
Property Planning   Property Planning

Property planning is a key part of caring for your land.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742563022 - AU $ 30.00    
Rapid Methods for Identifying Viruses in Perennial Fruit Tree Crops   Rapid Methods for Identifying Viruses in Perennial Fruit Tree Crops

Soil Essentials   Soil Essentials
Roger Hall
A practical reference for farmers and land managers covering soil issues commonly encountered at the farm level.

SPSS for Applied Sciences   SPSS for Applied Sciences
Cole Davis
Clearly explains how to use SPSS statistical software, including tests and worked examples.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643107106 - AU $ 29.95    
Storey's Basic Country Skills   Storey's Basic Country Skills
John Storey, Martha Storey
A treasury of time-honored country wisdom.

Paperback - ISBN:9781580172028 - AU $ 39.95    
Tractor Agskills   Tractor Agskills

User-friendly guide to the operation and maintenance of tractors.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731305933 - AU $ 27.00    
Tree Faller's Manual   Tree Faller's Manual
Covers risk assessment, theory and techniques for manual tree-felling.

Trees for Shelter   Trees for Shelter
Helen Cleugh
A resource to assist with the challenge of integrating trees into farming systems.

Paperback - ISBN:9780642584588 - AU $ 37.40    
Trees, Water and Salt   Trees, Water and Salt
R Stirzader, R Vertessy, A Sarre

Paperback - ISBN:9780642583086 - AU $ 33.00    
Untrained Environmentalist   The Untrained Environmentalist
John Fenton
The true story of how John Fenton transformed his family's run-down sheep farm into a lush oasis.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742370194 - AU $ 35.00    
Using Compost in Agriculture   Using Compost in Agriculture

Covers the basics in composting, commercial composting and what compost means for your farming practices.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742565187 - AU $ 25.00    
Working with People in Agriculture   Working with People in Agriculture
Michael Ison, Charlie Bell
Deals with people and how they manage the complex world of agriculture.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742562414 - AU $ 25.00    
Your Own Forest   Your Own Forest
Allan Windust
Written in everyday language for newcomers to the field, especially farmers, community groups and schools.

Paperback - ISBN:9780980707526 - AU $ 50.00    

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