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Food & Agriculture : Landcare

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  Interpreting Soil Test Results
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Agriculture and the Environmental Imperative   Agriculture and the Environmental Imperative
J Pratley, A Robertson
This book provides an account of scientific knowledge in respect of some of the major environmental problems in dryland farming regions of Australia.

Australian Grasses   Australian Grasses
Nick Romanowski
Describes around 200 species of grasses, sedges, rushes, grasstrees and related plants.

Paperback - ISBN:9781864471168 - AU $ 29.95    
Australian Seeds   Australian Seeds
Luke Sweedman, David Merritt
Provides a beautifully illustrated and detailed overview of Australian seeds.

Biodiversity and Environmental Change   Biodiversity and Environmental Change
David Lindenmayer, Emma Burns, Andrew Lowe, Nicole Thurgate
Demonstrates the value and integration of existing national long-term ecological research in Australia for monitoring environmental change and biodiversity.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643108561 - AU $120.00    
Celebrating Diversity: People, Place and Purpose, ARS 17th Biennial Conference, Kununurra, Western Australia   Celebrating Diversity: People, Place and Purpose, ARS 17th Biennial Conference, Kununurra, Western Australia
Ronald B Hacker
This Special Issue contains eleven papers drawn from 17th Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society held in September 2012.

Paperback - ISBN:RJ35/02 - AU $ 75.00    
Changing Land Management   Changing Land Management
Frank Vanclay, David Pannell
Key insights for decision-makers as they assist rural communities adapting to changed circumstances.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643100381 - AU $ 79.95    
Coastal Plants   Coastal Plants
Kingsley Dixon
The definitive guide to the common 100 plants of the Perth coastal region, including the key species used in coastal restoration.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643100473 - AU $ 39.95    
Dry Times   Dry Times
Mark Stafford Smith, Julian Cribb
Deserts can teach us new ways to live, manage scarce resources, cope with a harsh climate, isolation and a lack of water and energy.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643095274 - AU $ 49.95    
Dryland Salinity: The Farmer’s Guide   Dryland Salinity: The Farmer’s Guide

Paperback - ISBN:9780731305445 - AU $ 36.00    
Dung Down Under   Dung Down Under
Bernard Doube, Tim Marshall
A farmer-friendly book on the ecology and management of dung beetles in Australia.

Paperback - ISBN:9780992432904 - AU $ 36.30    
Farming Action: Catchment Reaction   Farming Action: Catchment Reaction
J Williams, RA Hook, HL Gascoigne
Provides a comprehensive technical overview of the relationships between dryland farming systems and catchment land and water quality in Australia.

Floodplain Wetland Biota in the Murray-Darling Basin   Floodplain Wetland Biota in the Murray-Darling Basin
Kerrylee Rogers, Timothy J Ralph
Addresses the need for an improved understanding of the biota of Australian freshwater wetlands.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096288 - AU $ 99.95    
Flowering of Australia's Rainforests   The Flowering of Australia's Rainforests
Geoff Williams, Paul Adam
Provides an overview of pollination in Australian rainforests, especially subtropical rainforests.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643097612 - AU $ 99.95    
From Seeds to Leaves   From Seeds to Leaves
Doug Stewart, Robin Stewart
A comprehensive guide to planting Australian native trees and shrubs on a small or large scale.

Paperback - ISBN:9781863952255 - AU $ 27.95    
Gift Vouchers   Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a book or subscription to give as a present, but aren’t sure what to choose?

Voucher - ISBN:BVoucher25 - AU $ 25.00    
Grasses of Coastal NSW   Grasses of Coastal NSW
Harry Rose, Carol Rose
An easy to use reference to the grasses of NSW, including the methods of identifying species.

Spiral Bound - ISBN:9781742562605 - AU $ 20.00    
Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed   Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed
Murray Ralph
Outlines methods used to propagate native species from seed for small or large scale revegetation, tree planting or direct seeding projects.

Paperback - ISBN:9780646428666 - AU $ 29.95    
Introduced Dung Beetles in Australia   Introduced Dung Beetles in Australia
Jane Wright, Penny Edwards, Pam Wilson
A field guide to introduced dung beetles, covering all of Australia.

Spiral Bound - ISBN:9781486300693 - AU $ 22.00    
Land of Sweeping Plains   Land of Sweeping Plains
Adrian Marshall, Nicholas Williams, John Morgan
An accessible guide to the management and restoration of native grasslands.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486300815 - AU $ 59.95    
Land Use Intensification   Land Use Intensification
Saul Cunningham, Andrew Young, David Lindenmayer
Can science suggest new approaches to reducing the conflict between productive land use and biodiversity conservation?

Paperback - ISBN:9780643104075 - AU $ 49.95    
Legumes and Herbs of Coastal NSW   Legumes and Herbs of Coastal NSW
Harry Rose, Carol Rose, Trevor Rose
An easy to use reference to the non-grass plants, including legumes, ferns, sedges, rushes and other herbs identified by flower colour.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742560656 - AU $ 20.00    
Linking Australia's Landscapes   Linking Australia's Landscapes
James Fitzsimons, Ian Pulsford, Geoff Wescott
A critical examination of networks of land managed for conservation across Australia.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643107045 - AU $ 89.95    
Management of Dryland Salinity   Management of Dryland Salinity

Paperback - ISBN:9780643066113 - AU $ 30.00    
Managing and Conserving Grassy Woodlands   Managing and Conserving Grassy Woodlands
S McIntyre, JG McIvor, KM Heard
Describes principles that will enable landholders to maintain or increase productivity without compromising ecological sustainability.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643091207 - AU $ 44.95    
Mining in Ecologically Sensitive Landscapes   Mining in Ecologically Sensitive Landscapes
Mark Tibbett
Brings together experts in the field of mining and conservation to grapple with this pressing issue.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643106352 - AU $120.00    
Mistletoes of Southern Australia   Mistletoes of Southern Australia
David M Watson
The definitive authority on all 46 species of mistletoe found in southern Australia.

Mountain Ash   Mountain Ash
David Lindenmayer, David Blair, Lachlan McBurney, Sam Banks
Ecological forest recovery in the Mountain Ash forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria following the February 2009 wildfires.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486304974 - AU $ 59.95    
Native Grasses   Native Grasses
Meredith Mitchell
An easy-to-use tool for identifying some of the most common native grasses in temperate Australia.

Small Paperback - ISBN:9780643066564 - AU $ 24.95 Price includes standard postage within Australia.    
Native Plant or Weed 2   Native Plant or Weed 2
Ann Loughran
Following on from volume one, here are full-colour side-by-side photos of more weeds and native plants that look similar.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306074 - AU $ 24.00    
Native Plant or Weed?   Native Plant or Weed?
Ann Loughran
An essential field guide for farmers, bush regenerators and all those involved in landcare.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731305988 - AU $ 24.00    
Native Plants of Adelaide   The Native Plants of Adelaide
Phil Bagust, Lynda Tout-Smith
Aims to bring Adelaide's very beautiful indigenous flora back into the spotlight for nature enthusiasts and home gardeners alike.

Paperback - ISBN:9781862548794 - AU $ 24.95    
Nature and Farming   Nature and Farming
David Norton FLS, Nick Reid
Outlines the key issues in developing and implementing practical approaches to safeguarding native biodiversity in rural areas.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643103252 - AU $ 69.95    
Perennial Grasses in Pasture Production Systems   Perennial Grasses in Pasture Production Systems
Stuart Kemp, Kevin Reed, Carol Harris, Chris Anderson
Brings together research findings which address key themes discussed at 'Perennial Grasses in Pasture Production Systems

Paperback - ISBN:CP65/08 - AU $ 75.00    
Perth Plants   Perth Plants
Russell Barrett, Eng Pin Tay
A comprehensive photographic guide to 778 species of plants found in Kings Park and Bold Park.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486306022 - AU $ 49.95    
Photography for Field Work   Photography for Field Work

Written to provide field officers and land managers with a basic understanding of photography and photographic techniques.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742563534 - AU $ 20.00    
Plant Reintroduction in a Changing Climate   Plant Reintroduction in a Changing Climate
Joyce Maschinski, Kristin E Haskins
A comprehensive and accessible reference for practitioners to use in planning and executing rare plant reintroductions.

Paperback - ISBN:9781597268318 - AU $ 39.95    
Planting for Wildlife   Planting for Wildlife
Nicola Munro, David Lindenmayer
Provides the latest information on restoring woodlands, with particular emphasis on plantings as habitat for wildlife.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643103122 - AU $ 39.95    
Planting Wetlands and Dams   Planting Wetlands and Dams
Nick Romanowski
A step-by-step, plain language guide to the creation of conditions in which wetland plants will thrive.

Plants of Western New South Wales   Plants of Western New South Wales
GM Cunningham, WE Mulham, PL Milthorpe, JH Leigh
A comprehensive record illustrating and describing the great array of plants in Western New South Wales.

Hardback - ISBN:9780643103634 - AU $180.00    
Preserving Rural Australia   Preserving Rural Australia
A Robertson, R Watts
Deals with broad issues relating to resource decline and how different groups deal with these issues from social, economic and ecological points of view.

Rainforest Restoration Manual for South-Eastern Australia   Rainforest Restoration Manual for South-Eastern Australia
Bill Peel
Empowers individuals or groups to be able to restore, manage, protect and conserve our magnificent rainforests.

Reducing the Impacts of Development on Wildlife   Reducing the Impacts of Development on Wildlife
Deborah Gleeson, James Gleeson
Practical measures to reduce the impacts of development on terrestrial wildlife, promoting ecologically sustainable development.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643100329 - AU $ 89.95    
Resetting the Compass   Resetting the Compass
David Yencken, Debra Wilkinson
Australia's Journey Towards Sustainability

Restoring Disturbed Landscapes   Restoring Disturbed Landscapes
David J Tongway, John A Ludwig
A hands-on guide for individuals and groups seeking to improve the functional capacity of landscapes.

Paperback - ISBN:9781597265812 - AU $ 49.95    
Restoring Natural Areas in Australia   Restoring Natural Areas in Australia
Robin A Buchanan
TAFE teacher and author Robin Buchanan returns with her updated book.

Paperback - ISBN:9780731306213 - AU $ 44.00    
Revitalising Grasslands to Sustain our Communities   Revitalising Grasslands to Sustain our Communities
David Michalk, David Kemp, Chris Anderson
This Special Issue of Crop and Pasture contains a selection of papers presented at the recent International Grasslands Congress (Sydney, Australia; 15-19 September 2013).

Paperback - ISBN:CP65/06 - AU $ 75.00    
Social and Ecological Aspects of Grassland Use in Northern China: Implications for Adaptation to Climate Change   Social and Ecological Aspects of Grassland Use in Northern China: Implications for Adaptation to Climate Change

Describes the key issues of climate change and overgrazing by livestock of the grasslands of northern China.

Paperback - ISBN:RJ36/06 - AU $ 75.00    
Social and Economic Benefits of Protected Areas   Social and Economic Benefits of Protected Areas
Marianne Kettunen, Patrick ten Brink
Offers a comprehensive introduction to the socio-economic benefits of PAs and PA networks.

Paperback - ISBN:9780415632843 - AU $ 76.00    
Sustainable Soil Management and Organic Farming   Sustainable Soil Management and Organic Farming
Marta Moreno, Ziad Al Chami, Artemi Cerda, Ana Tarquis
This special issue of Soil Research presents potential solutions to a variety of problems, analysed through the prism of organic farming and soil management.

Paperback - ISBN:SR54/02 - AU $ 75.00    
Ten Commitments Revisited   Ten Commitments Revisited
David Lindenmayer, Stephen Dovers, Steve Morton
A must read follow up to the highly successful Ten Commitments book.

Paperback - ISBN:9781486301676 - AU $ 49.95    
Ten Commitments   Ten Commitments
David Lindenmayer, Stephen Dovers, Molly Harriss Olson, Steve Morton
Leading environmental thinkers speak on environmental issues facing Australia.

Trees for Saltland   Trees for Saltland
N Marcar, D Crawford, P Leppert, T Jovanovic, R Floyd, R Farrow
Aims to assist in the management of soil salinity by describing a range of species tolerant of saline soils.

Untrained Environmentalist   The Untrained Environmentalist
John Fenton
The true story of how John Fenton transformed his family's run-down sheep farm into a lush oasis.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742370194 - AU $ 35.00    
Vegetation Survey and Assessment   Vegetation Survey and Assessment

This manual is a practical guide for surveying and assessing vegetation, including weeds, so it can be managed more effectively.

Paperback - ISBN:9781742566702 - AU $ 36.00    
Wetland Habitats   Wetland Habitats
Nick Romanowski
A practical and easy to use manual for wetland restoration and conservation of diverse animal species.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643096462 - AU $ 49.95    
Wetland Weeds   Wetland Weeds
Nick Romanowski
A comprehensive guide to wetland weeds covering both native and introduced species.

Paperback - ISBN:9780643103955 - AU $ 49.95    
Wildlife on Farms   Wildlife on Farms
David Lindenmayer, Andrew Claridge, Donna Hazell, Damian Michael, Mason Crane, Christopher MacGregor, Ross Cunningham
Learn how wildlife conservation can be integrated with farm management and the benefits this can bring.

Woodlands   Woodlands
David Lindenmayer, Mason Crane, Damian Michael, Esther Beaton
Discover the often-overlooked beauty of Australia's woodlands and native plants and animals they support.

Your Own Forest   Your Own Forest
Allan Windust
Written in everyday language for newcomers to the field, especially farmers, community groups and schools.

Paperback - ISBN:9780980707526 - AU $ 50.00    

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