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Echidna (or Spiny Ant-eater)

The Echidna (or Spiny Ant-eater)


    DVD - 1969


Video Classic

The echidna and the platypus belong to a group of egg-laying mammals - Prototheria. Called mammals because they have mammary glands for the sustenance of the young, they also exhibit reptilian characteristics.

The film, designed principally for zoology students, shows echidnas in the field and in the laboratory - their feeding behaviour and the suckling of the young. An animated sequence, explaining how the fertilised egg develops, is followed by actual film of the egg in the pouch and the young at various stages of development.

Awards for The Echidna:
  • Orbit Award, ANZAAS Exhibition, 1970
  • Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, New York, 1970

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