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Reproduction, Fertility and Development
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  Vertebrate reproductive science and technology
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RFD is the official journal of the International Embryo Transfer Society and the Society for Reproductive Biology.

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Reproduction, Fertility and Development Reproduction, Fertility and Development
Volume 13 Number 7 & 8 2001
From Elephants to AIDS
Essays in Biology in Honour of Roger V. Short

Foreword to 'From Elephants to AIDS. Essays in Biology in Honour of Roger V. Short' 

Twink Allen, John Hearn, Gerald Lincoln and Marilyn Renfree

pp. v-vi


Professor Roger Valentine Short FRS, FAA, FRS(Ed.), FRCVS, FRCOG, FRCP(Ed.), FRANZCOG, FAAS, BVSC, MS, PhD, ScD.
A Biography

W. R. Allen

pp. vii-viii


Bibliography of Roger V. Short 

pp. ix-xvii


Genetics, biotechnology and population management of over-abundant mammalian wildlife in Australasia 

Desmond W. Cooper and Catherine A. Herbert

pp. 451-458


Conservation strategies for Africa's large mammals 

J. Hanks

pp. 459-468


Saving the gorillas (Gorilla g. gorilla) and chimpanzees (Pan t. troglodytes) of the Congo Basin 

Caroline E. G. Tutin

pp. 469-476


Australasian marsupials - to cherish and to hold 

C. H. Tyndale-Biscoe

pp. 477-485


Uncertain breeding: a short history of reproduction in monotremes 

Peter Temple-Smith and Tom Grant

pp. 487-497


Bait-delivered cabergoline for the reproductive control of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes): estimating mammalian non-target risk in south-eastern Australia 

Clive A. Marks

pp. 499-510


Farmed deer: new domestic animals defined by controlled breeding 

T. J. Fletcher

pp. 511-516


Embryo implantation and embryonic stem cell development in primates 

John P. Hearn

pp. 517-522


The derivation and potential use of human embryonic stem cells 

Alan O. Trounson

pp. 523-532


Mitochondrial DNA and the Y chromosome: parallels and paradoxes 

Jim Cummins

pp. 533-542


The road to ovulation: the role of oestrogens 

J. K. Findlay , K. Britt, J. B. Kerr, L. O'Donnell, M. E. Jones, A. E. Drummond and E. R. Simpson

pp. 543-547


Genetic mutations influencing ovulation rate in sheep 

K. P. McNatty , J. L. Juengel, T. Wilson, S. M. Galloway and G. H. Davis

pp. 549-555


Angiogenesis in the primate ovary 

Hamish M. Fraser and Christine Wulff

pp. 557-566


The irritable male syndrome 

Gerald A. Lincoln

pp. 567-576


Sex and season are major determinants of voluntary food intake in sheep 

Iain J. Clarke

pp. 577-582


Lactational control of reproduction 

Alan S. McNeilly

pp. 583-590


The equine hypophysis: a gland for all seasons 

Domingo J. Tortonese , Susan J. Gregory, Rebecca C. Eagle, Carolyne L. Sneddon, Claire L. Young and Julie Townsend

pp. 591-597


The evolution of neuroendocrine mechanisms regulating sexual behaviour in female primates 

Alan Dixson

pp. 599-607


Male germ cell transplantation: promise and problems 

Fang-Xu Jiang

pp. 609-614


The placenta in multiple pregnancy: outstanding issues 

Kurt Benirschke and Eliezer Masliah

pp. 615-622


Equine placentation 

W. R. Allen and Francesca Stewart

pp. 623-634


Conservation of recognition of antibody and T-cell-defined alloantigens between species of equids 

Jessica M. Baker , M. Stidworthy, Tamara Gull, Jodi Novak, Jane M. Miller and D. F. Antczak

pp. 635-645


Assisted reproductive techniques for hybridization of camelids 

Julian A. Skidmore , M. Billah, R. V. Short and W. R. Allen

pp. 647-652


Fetal control of parturition in marsupials 

Geoffrey Shaw and Marilyn B. Renfree

pp. 653-659


Germ cells and pluripotent stem cells in the mouse 

Anne McLaren and Gabriela Durcova-Hills

pp. 661-664


From brain determination to testis determination: evolution of the mammalian sex-determining gene 

Jennifer A. Marshall Graves

pp. 665-672


The role of 5a-reduction in steroid hormone physiology 

Jean D. Wilson

pp. 673-678


Sex down under: the differentiation of sexual dimorphisms during marsupial development 

Marilyn B. Renfree , Andrew J. Pask and Geoffrey Shaw

pp. 679-690


Comparative studies on limb morphogenesis in mice and bats: a functional genetic approach towards a molecular understanding of diversity in organ formation 

Chris J. Cretekos, John J. Rasweiler IV and Richard R. Behringer

pp. 691-695


Pachyderms, primates, plants and population 

Martha M. Campbell

pp. 697-703


Biotech prospects for the control of introduced mammals in Australia 

Robert F. Seamark

pp. 705-711


The promise and performance of progestogens as contraceptives 

Ian S. Fraser

pp. 713-721


Antigestogens: the holy grail of contraception 

David T. Baird

pp. 723-728


AIDS and sex education for young people in China 

Y. Gao , Z. Z. Lu, R. Shi, X. Y. Sun and Y. Cai

pp. 729-737


Meeting the contraceptive and AIDS prevention needs of people living on a dollar a day 

Malcolm Potts

pp. 739-747


From elephants to AIDS 

Roger V .Short

pp. 749-754


Annual Author Index 

pp. 755-758


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