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Simplified DWBA for Heavy Ion Induced Transfer at High Energies

LR Dodd

Australian Journal of Physics 32(3) 173 - 186
Published: 1979


The treatment of the distorted wave Born approximation (DWBA) for transfer reactions at high energies between complex nuclei due to Braun-Munzinger and Harney (1974) is simplified by introducing eikonal-like representations for the elastic scattering states. Simple expressions for the differential cross sections are derived. The model includes recoil approximately and takes into account the strong absorption of the nuclear cores. Reasonable values for the parameters of the model wavefunctions are determined by comparison with the usual optical model wavefunctions. Angular distributions calculated for the model are compared with the results of exact finite-range DWBA calculations and experimental data for transitions to the ground state and excited states of 13C in the reaction 12C(14N,13N)13C at several energies. The model reproduces the general features of the exact calculations, giving reasonable fits for the transitions to the ground state and the 1ds/2 (3·85 MeV) state. The transition to the 2S1/2 (3 ·09 MeV) state appears to be anomalous as in the case of the full DWBA theory.

Full text doi:10.1071/PH790173

© CSIRO 1979

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