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  Evolutionary, Molecular and Comparative Zoology
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Australian Journal of Zoology
Volume 25 Number 2 1977

Studies on the epidermis of Tamnocephala II. Epidermal sensory receptors of Temnocephala novae-zealandiae 

JB Williams

pp. 187-191


Temperature regulation in the Dusky Munia, Lonchura fuscans (Cassin) (Estrildidae) 

WW Weathers

pp. 193-199


Insect Growth Regulators: Some Effects of Methoprene and Hydroprene on Productivity of Several Stored Grain Insects. 

TG Amos and P Williams

pp. 201-206


Endodermal formation in blastocytes of the marsupials Isoodon macrousus and Perameles nasuta 

DE Hollis and AG Lyne

pp. 207-223


An unusual blastocyst stage of the marsupial Isoodon macrourus 

AG Lyne and DE Hollis

pp. 225-231


Influence of Farnesyl Methyl Ether on the Metamorphosis of Blattella Germanica (L.). 

B Roberts

pp. 233-241


Black pattern polymorphism and tadpole growth rate in two Western Australian frogs 

CM Bull

pp. 243-248


Australian endemic Drosophila I. Tasmania and Victoria, including descriptions of two new species 

PA Parsons and IR Bock

pp. 249-268


The Biology and Main Causes of Changes in Numbers of the Rose Aphid, Macrosiphum Rosae (L.), On Cultivated Roses in South Australia. 

DA Maelzer

pp. 269-284


Adaptive behaviour of Drosophila adults in relation to temperature and humidity 

GJ Prince and PA Parsons

pp. 285-290


The agnostic behaviour of Rattus villosissimus 

RJ Begg and JE Nelson

pp. 291-327


Fossil and subfossil fruit bats from the mountains of New Guinea 

JI Menzies

pp. 329-336


Drosophilidae of Australia,. II. Scaptomyza (Insecta : Diptera) 

IR Bock

pp. 337-345


The Australian and Some Other Species of Gymnodia Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Muscidae). 

AC Pont

pp. 347-369


A revision of the taxonomy of the gennus Daphnia (Crustacea : Daphnidae) in south-eastern Australia 

PDN Hebert

pp. 371-398


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Volume 62 (5)

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