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  Evolutionary, Molecular and Comparative Zoology
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Australian Journal of Zoology Australian Journal of Zoology
Volume 57 Number 3 & 4 2009
Beyond the Platypus Genome

Title Page. Beyond the Platypus Genome – 2008 Boden Research Conference 

pp. i-ii


Foreword. The miraculous platypus 

Roger V. Short

pp. v-vi


Introduction. Comparative genomics in vertebrates: a role for the platypus 

Stephen J. O'Brien

pp. vii-ix


Monotreme chromosomes: an introductory review 

Carolyn E. Murtagh and G. B. Sharman

pp. 149-155


The enigma of the platypus genome 

Wesley C. Warren and Frank Grützner

pp. 157-165


Do genomic datasets resolve the correct relationship among the placental, marsupial and monotreme lineages? 

Gavin Huttley

pp. 167-174


Evolutionary and phylogenetic significance of platypus microsatellites conserved in mammalian and other vertebrate genomes 

E. Buschiazzo and N. J. Gemmell

pp. 175-184


Hatching time for monotreme immunology 

Emily S. W. Wong, Anthony T. Papenfuss, Robert D. Miller and Katherine Belov

pp. 185-198


Platypus venom genes expressed in non-venom tissues 

Camilla M. Whittington and Katherine Belov

pp. 199-202


Platypus venom: source of novel compounds 

Jennifer M. S. Koh, Paramjit S. Bansal, Allan M. Torres and Philip W. Kuchel

pp. 203-210


No evidence of expression of two classes of natural antibiotics (cathelicidins and defensins) in a sample of platypus milk 

Camilla M. Whittington, Julie A. Sharp, Anthony Papenfuss and Katherine Belov

pp. 211-217


Development of microsatellite markers for the short-beaked echidna using three different approaches 

C. Vanpé, E. Buschiazzo, J. Abdelkrim, G. Morrow, S. C. Nicol and N. J. Gemmell

pp. 219-224


Population genetics of the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus): a fine-scale look at adjacent river systems 

Stephen H. Kolomyjec, Josephine Y. T. Chong, David Blair, Jaime Gongora, Tom R. Grant, Christopher N. Johnson and Chris Moran

pp. 225-234


A review of mucormycosis in the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) 

Joanne H. Connolly

pp. 235-244


Distribution, prevalence and persistence of mucormycosis in Tasmanian platypuses (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) 

Nick Gust, Joshua Griffiths, Michael Driessen, Annie Philips, Niall Stewart and Dominic Geraghty

pp. 245-254

 |        Open Access Article

Thermoregulation in monotremes: riddles in a mosaic 

Peter H. Brice

pp. 255-263


Activity and behaviour of lactating echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus multiaculeatus) from hatching of egg to weaning of young 

Peggy D. Rismiller and Michael W. McKelvey

pp. 265-273


Reproductive strategies of the short-beaked echidna – a review with new data from a long-term study on the Tasmanian subspecies (Tachyglossus aculeatus setosus) 

Gemma Morrow, Niels A. Andersen and Stewart C. Nicol

pp. 275-282


Breeding behaviour of the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) in captivity 

Margaret Hawkins and Adam Battaglia

pp. 283-293

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