Hi. I'm David Lindenmayer. Welcome to this learning resource, made possible with the generous support of the Purves Environmental Fund, based on my book On Borrowed Time.

The resource has four inquiry-based teaching and learning units and two decision-making interactives which allow students to reflect, consider and make decisions relating to Australia's biodiversity. I hope the material will help you to take action towards the conservation of biodiversity on a personal, school and local community level.

Play the video to hear why I think biodiversity is such an critically important issue for the future of Australia.

Adaptation icon
Adaptation – What is survival of the fittest? How does a species evolve and adapt to its environment? Fire icon
Fire – What is the role of fire in Australia’s ecosystems – Is it a friend or a foe?
Forest icon
Forest – Is the biodiversity greater in an old growth forest compared with a new forest? Farming icon
Farming – Can farms protect and enhance biodiversity while increasing their profitability?

Can you manage a sustainable and profitable farm? In this interactive, see if you can successfully protect and improve the farms biodiversity and profitability at the same time.
Take on the role of the forest manager in the Eco forest interactive. See if you can protect the habitats of 5 important species whilst sustainably logging the forest to keep jobs in the local town.

This resource can be used in conjunction with, or separately from, On Borrowed Time. If you wish to use the book On Borrowed Time, you can receive a 25% discount for orders of classroom sets by ordering the book from the CSIRO PUBLISHING website: