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Article << Previous     |     Next >>   Contents Vol 11(2)

Transforming Australia’s HIV prevention and treatment efforts to achieve an AIDS-free generation: the United Nations Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS and the Melbourne Declaration ‘Action on HIV’

Bill Whittaker A

National Association of People with HIV Australia, Newtown, NSW 2042, Australia. Email: bwhittaker@tpg.com.au

Sexual Health 11(2) 101-106 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/SH13056
Submitted: 15 April 2013  Accepted: 17 September 2013   Published: 20 January 2014

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This paper discusses Australia’s response to the 2011 United Nations Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS in the context of recent ground-breaking advances in HIV prevention and treatment. Australia’s progress in responding to these developments is examined and compared with that of eight other countries in Asia and the Pacific. The implications of the 2012 Melbourne Declaration ‘Action on HIV’ is also discussed as a vehicle for generating advocacy to revolutionise Australia’s HIV response and to urge Australia’s leadership in achieving an ‘AIDS-free generation’.

Additional keywords: antiretroviral therapy, Asia-Pacific, progress reports.


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