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Instructions to Authors

Licence to publish
Submission of an article to Preview implies the article is original and not published or submitted for consideration elsewhere.

We reserve the right to edit all submissions; letters must contain your name and a contact address.

The text of all articles should be transmitted as a Word document. Figures and illustrations should be transmitted as separate files, not embedded in the Word document. Photographs and line drawings should be of the highest quality and, if not created digitally, should be scanned at high resolution: photographs at 300 dpi at final size, saved as .jpg files; hand-drawn line drawings at least 600 dpi at final size, saved as .tif files. Computer-generated graphs and diagrams should be saved in one of the following formats: Excel, Powerpoint, encapsulated postscript (.eps), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Windows metafiles (.wmf). In all cases they must be editable vector graphic files. Please contact the Production Editor for further information.

References should follow the author (date) system. When reference is made in the text to a work by three or more authors, the first name followed by et al. should be used on all occasions. References should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the paper in the standard form:
Blackburn, G. J., 1981, Seismic static corrections in irregular or steeply dipping water-bottom environments: Exploration Geophysics, 12, 93-100.

Abbreviations and units
SI units are preferred. Statistics and measurements should always be given in figures e.g. 10 mm, except where the number begins a sentence. When the number does not refer to a unit of measurement, it is spelt out, except where the number is greater than nine. Confusing mathematical notation, and particularly subscripts and superscripts, should be avoided; negative exponents or the use of a solidus (i.e. a sloping line separating bracketed numerator and denominator) are acceptable as long as they are used consistently. The words ´Figure´ and ´Table´ should be capitalised (first letter) and spelt in full, when referred to in the text.

Address for submissions
For submission of papers and general enquiries please contact:
Lisa Worrall
c/o CSIRO Publishing
Telephone +61 409 128 666

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