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Patient Satisfaction with Sex Re-assignment Surgery in New South Wales, Australia

Fran Collyer and Catherine Heal

Australian Journal of Primary Health 8(3) 9 - 19
Published: 2002


An evaluation of the effect of sex re-assignment surgery on a group of patients attending a private clinic in Sydney, Australia. Fifty-seven patients who underwent full male-to-female sex re-assignment surgery between 1987 and 2000 completed a satisfaction survey. Several factors that might influence the extent of satisfaction with surgical outcome were explored, including age, work status, social life, and the appearance and function of the new genitalia. Patients reported significantly improved social and personal satisfaction following surgery, compared with five years previously. The study challenges outcomes from previously reported studies with regard to the age of patients at the time of surgery, and the finding that from the patient's perspective, there is no fundamental association between a successful surgical outcome and a satisfactory post-operative life experience.

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