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A taxonomic revision of the genus Adenanthos (Proteaceae)

EC Nelson

Brunonia 1(3) 303 - 406
Published: 1977


Adenanthos Labill. (Proteaceae) is endemic to parts of southern Australia. The presence of morphologic diversity and plasticity within the genus has resulted in taxo- nomic uncertainty. The morphology of Adenanthos and associated terminology, as well as aspects of the history of the genus, are discussed. Adenanthos is revised taxonomically. The nomenclature of the infrageneric sections is revised, and a new subsect. Anaclastos, within sect. Adenanthos, is designated. The feminine gender is retained for the generic name. Eight new species are described: A. dobagii,A. glabrescens, A eyrei,A. oreophila,A. macropodiana.A. labillardierei,A. ileticos and A. cacomorpha. Four new subspecies are described: A. sericea subsp. sphalma, A. cygnorum subsp. chamaephyton, A. pungens subsp. effusa and A. glabrescens subsp. exasperata. Species and infraspecific taxa are described, and their ecology, relationships and phytogeography are discussed. Putative hybrids are listed.

© CSIRO 1977

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