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A revision of the Coprosma pumila (Rubiaceae) complex in Australia, New Zealand and the Subantarctic Islands.


Brunonia 9(2) 119 - 138
Published: 1986


The widespread complex of mat-forming Coprosma species, hitherto known as 'Coprosma pumila', plus some close allies (C. petriei, C. atropurpurea, C. nivalis) have been reexamined. C. pumila s. str. is shown to be restricted to the northern central plateau and Ben Lomond areas of Tasmania. The name C. perpusilla Col. is resurrected for the orange-fruited plants of Australia and New Zealand formerly included in C. pumila. A new subspecies, C. perpusilla ssp. subantarctica, is erected for the plants on Macquarie, Auckland, Camp- bell and Antipodes Islands. A new species, C. niphophila, is recognised for the Mt Kosciusko region and the South Island of New Zealand. The six species and two subspecies of the complex are keyed, fully described and illustrated, and their interrelation- ships, particularly their trans-Tasman vicariance, are discussed.

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