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Contributions to a revisin of Melaleuca (Myrtaceae): 1-3

BA Barlow

Brunonia 9(2) 163 - 177
Published: 1986


Melaleuca acacioides F. Muell., formerly regarded as a single species, is considered to consist of three taxa, M. citrolens sp. nov., M. acacioides subsp. acacioides and M. acacioides subsp. alsophila, the last based on M. alsophila Benth. 2: Melaleuca irbyana R. Baker and M. pallescens Byrnes are treated as subspecies of M. tamariscina Hooker and new combinations M. tamariscina subsp. irbyana and M. tamariscina subsp. pallescens are made. 3: Two subspecies of M. minutifolia F. Muell. are recognised, M. minutifolia subsp. minutifolia and subsp. monantha, which is described as new.

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