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Variation in Banksia oblongifolia Cav. (Proteaceae)

JG Conran and HT Clifford

Brunonia 10(2) 177 - 187
Published: 1987


Banksia oblongifolia Cav. is presently regarded as a variable species. The variation, however, appears to be discontinuous, thereby permitting the rec- ognition of two taxa differing in seedling and adult morphology and ecology. Differences are reported between these taxa in plant height, leaf length, branch length, stem number, seed set and shape, as observed for populations growing in the field, and cotyledon length, leaf length, plant height and lignotuber development, under cultivation. A new varietal combination, Banksia oblongifolia var. minor (Maiden & Camfield) Conran & Cliff, is recognised and circumscribed for one of the taxa. Banksia oblongifolia var. oblongifolia is redefined. The relationships between the two taxa are discussed.

© CSIRO 1987

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