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Phylogenetic revision of Backhousieae (Myrtaceae): Neogene divergence, a revised circumscription of Backhousia and two new species

Mark G. Harrington A G , Betsy R. Jackes B , Matthew D. Barrett C D E , Lyn A. Craven F and Russell L. Barrett C D E
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A Australian Tropical Herbarium, James Cook University, Cairns, Qld 4870, Australia.

B School of Marine and Tropical Biology, James Cook University, Townsville, Qld 4811, Australia.

C Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, West Perth, WA 6005, Australia.

D School of Plant Biology, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, The University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA 6009, Australia.

E Western Australian Herbarium, Department of Environment and Conservation, Locked Bag 104, Bentley Delivery Centre, WA 6983, Australia.

F Australian National Herbarium, Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia.

G Corresponding author. Email:

Australian Systematic Botany 25(6) 404-417
Submitted: 11 May 2012  Accepted: 29 October 2012   Published: 14 December 2012

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