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A chequered history: the taxonomy of Ficus platypoda and F. leucotricha (Moraceae: Urostigma sect. Malvanthera) unravelled

Australian Systematic Botany 14(4) 535 - 563
Published: 2001


A revision of the species complexes of ‘Ficus platypoda’ and ‘Ficus leucotricha’ (Moraceae: Urostigma sect. Malvanthera Corner) is presented. A phenetic analysis of morphometric characters using clustering techniques and multidimensional scaling was used to identify the taxa in each species complex. Two species from each complex are recognised and include Ficus brachypoda (Miq.) Miq. and here described Ficus atricha D.J. Dixon from the ‘F. platypoda’ complex and F. platypoda (Miq.) A. Cunn. ex Miq. and here describedFicus cerasicarpa D.J. Dixon from the ‘F. leucotricha’ complex. Each Ficus species is pollinated by a morphologically distinct pollinator wasp. Ficus platypoda is pollinated by Pleistodontes cuneatusWiebes. Ficus cerasicarpa, F. atricha and F. brachypodaare pollinated by wasps that are new species yet to be described. The nomenclature of F. brachypoda and F. platypoda is discussed and a key to the species as well as notes and distribution maps are provided for all four species.

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