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Revision of Pittosporum (Pittosporaceae) in Australia

Lindy W. Cayzer, Michael D. Crisp and Ian R. H. Telford

Australian Systematic Botany 13(6) 845 - 902
Published: 2000


Following a phylogenetic analysis using morphology, Pittosporum is here monographed and recircumscribed as a monophyletic genus, by including the small genus Citriobatus and by excluding a new genus, described in the accompanying paper as Auranticarpa. Within Australia and its associated territories, 20 species are now recognised in Pittosporum, including the four from Citriobatus, three of which are given new combinations (P. spinescens, P. lancifolium and P. multiflorum). Citriobatus linearis requires a new name (P. viscidum). Four species are reinstated or confirmed at species level (P. angustifolium, P. ligustrifolium, P. nativitatis and P. wingii), and P. trilobum is described for the first time.

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