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Contributions towards a revision of Daviesia (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). III.* A synopsis of the genus

MD Crisp

Australian Systematic Botany 8(6) 1155 - 1249
Published: 1995


A taxonomic census and key are presented for the 135 known species and subspecies in Daviesia Smith. This includes 31 species and six additional subspecies which are formally described and illustrated here for the first time. The census includes a list of recognised taxa with full synonymy; literature references for original and selected later publications; typification, including selection of lectotypes and neotypes where necessary; distribution by botanical districts; and taxonomic and nomenclatural notes. New taxa described herein are: D. apiculata, D. argillacea, D. articulata, D. audax, D. bursarioides, D. campephylla, D. chapmanii, D. crassa, D. dilatata, D. elongata subsp. implexa, D. glossosema, D. grossa, D. hamata, D. incrassata subsp. teres, D. intricata subsp. intricata, D. intricata subsp. xiphophylla, D. lineata, D. megacalyx, D. microcarpa, D. nudiflora subsp. amplectens, D. nudiflora subsp. hirtella, D. oxyclada, D. oxylobium, D. pleurophylla, D. pseudaphylla, D. pteroclada, D. ramosissima, D. retrorsa, D. rhizomata, D. rubiginosa, D. sarissa subsp. sarissa, D. sarissa subsp. redacta, D. scoparia, D. smithiorum, D. speciosa, D. tortuosa, D. uncinata. In addition, the following new combinations are made: D. benthamii subsp. acanthoclona, D. decipiens, D. emarginata, D. incrassata subsp. reversijolia, D. major and D. nudijlora subsp. drummondii.

* Part II, Australian Systematic Botany, 1991,4,229–298.

© CSIRO 1995

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