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Australasian truffle-like fungi. VII. Mesophellia (Basidiomycotina, Mesophelliaceae)

JM Trappe, MA Castellano and N Malajczuk

Australian Systematic Botany 9(5) 773 - 802
Published: 1996


The genus Mesophellia, type of the family Mesophelliaceae, has been restudied in light of extensive recent collections. Most past species identifications in the genus have been erroneous, because past workers did not comprehensively study holotypes or fresh material. In this paper, the genus is divided into two subgenera: Mesophellia and Loculatae. Subgenus Mesophellia comprises 12 species, of which 8 are newly described here: M. angustispora, M. brevispora, M. clelandii, M. oleifera, M. pallidospora, M. pawa, M. rava and M. trabalis. Subgenus Loculatae comprises two species, both of which are newly described here: M. labyrinthina and M. westresii.

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