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Australasian truffle-like fungi. VIII. Gummiglobus and Andebbia gen. nov. (Basidiomycotina, Mesophelliaceae) and a supplement to the nomenclatural bibliography of Basidiomycotina

JM Trappe, MA Castellano and MP Amaranthus

Australian Systematic Botany 9(5) 803 - 811
Published: 1996


Two new genera, Gummiglobus with two species and the monotypic Andebbia, are described as segregates from the genus Mesophellia. Both genera have minutely ornamented spores. The species of Gummiglobus, moreover, have columellae with wedge-shaped to digitate or strand-like projections that extend to the endocutis of the peridium and are embedded in a remarkable gummy tissue.

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