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Inventories and elemental accumulation in peat soils of forested seabird breeding islands, southern New Zealand

D. J. Hawke and J. Newman

Australian Journal of Soil Research 42(1) 45 - 48
Published: 16 February 2004


We determined inventories and accumulation of C, N, P, and Cd in 2 profiles from sooty shearwater (Puffinus griseus) breeding colonies. Inventories (0–70 cm, F horizon) were: 42.9 kg/m2 (C; both profiles), 1.39 and 1.95 kg/m2 (N), 2.52 and 3.99 × 10-2 kg/m2 (P), and 9.89 and 9.69 × 10-5 kg/m2 (Cd). Radiocarbon analysis for accumulation calculations was invalid in one profile due to bioturbation. Accumulation rates (95% confidence interval) for the other profile were: 61–76 g/m2.year (C), 2.0–2.4 g/m2.year (N), 0.036–0.044 g/m2.year (P), and 0.14–0.17 mg/m2.year (Cd). These accumulation data were within the range of other pristine peat systems, but lower than those with high anthropogenic inputs. Applying literature estimates of gross inputs indicated that only 0.6–2.2% of N and 0.1–0.6% of P were retained over the 567–705-year accumulation period.

Keywords: cadmium, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sooty shearwater.

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