Camilla Myers running a workshop

‘I have just had the opportunity to attend the Publishing with Impact workshop, facilitated by Camilla Myers from CSIRO Publishing. Without any overstatement, it was the most enjoyable and helpful workshop I have ever attended. Although the ultimate success of a workshop is purely context-specific – dependent on the dynamics of the participants and the facilitator as well as the information involved – the structure of this workshop is invaluable for any academic who struggles with either writing or the publishing puzzle … and inspiring for any who don’t!’
Manu Saunders, PhD Student, Charles Sturt University

‘The workshop broke down myths about imagined barriers to publishing scientific work. It was very practical, with many insights from an experienced presenter. I went away with a feeling of confidence.’
Andrew Tulloh, Research Projects Officer, CMSE

‘The course showed me that writing is all about perspective: yours, the editor’s and your readers’.’
Stacy Dravitzki, Project Scientist, CMAR

‘We used key exercises to learn how to write focused, clear and inspiring articles. Now I have an effective method to create inviting titles and abstracts!’
Silvia Marchesan, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Molecular and Health Technologies

‘Very informative, practical, broad-spoken, covering major issues pertaining to scientific publication. Well presented and filled up the gaps and glitches that are normally “overlooked”. Anybody is sure to get an advantage in their scientific work with this “hands-on” experience.’
Akhil Gupta, Research Projects Officer, CMSE

‘Great course. There’s something in it for authors at all levels.’
Chris Fell, Solar Group Leader, CSIRO Energy Technology