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Reproduction of Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo, Dendrolagus lumholtzi (Marsupialia : Macropodidae) in captivity, with age estimation and development of the pouch young

Peter M. Johnson and Steven Delean

Wildlife Research 30(5) 505 - 512
Published: 04 December 2003


Reproduction in Lumholtz's tree kangaroo, Dendrolagus lumholtzi, was studied in captivity. The length of the oestrous cycle was 47–64 days and the gestation period was 42–48 days. Post partum oestrus and embryonic diapause were not observed in this study. The interval between loss of a pouch young and a return mating was 22 days. Pouch life was 246–275 days long and weaning occurred 87–240 days later. Sexual maturity was obtained in females as early as 2.04 years and in males at 4.6 years. Linear mixed-effects models are used to describe polynomial growth equations for age determination of pouch young using both head and pes length. The relationship between error in age prediction and each body measurement is also defined. Head and pes measurements provide equally accurate estimates of the age of pouch young.


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