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An Aerial Survey of Potential Nesting Areas of Crocodylus prosus on the West Coast of Cape York Peninsula

WE Magnusson, GC Grigg and JA Taylor

Australian Wildlife Research 7(3) 465 - 478
Published: 1980


This paper presents the results of an aerial survey for potential nesting areas of C. porosus along the western coast of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, from the tip of the Cape to the Norman River. There is a decrease from north to south in the amount of suitable nesting habitat. Many suitable nesting areas occur north of the Embley River, where relatively higher relief favours the development of freshwater swamps with a low risk of seasonal flooding. Further south, the broad, alluvial plains and meandering rivers are often subject to extensive flooding and fewer opportunities for nesting are available. General conclusions only are given, and management discussed. Detailed results are lodged with the Australian National Library, Canberra (catalogue No. MS5640).


© CSIRO 1980

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