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Causes and Frequencey of Deaths among Birds Mist-Netted for Banding Studies at Two Localities

HF Recher, G Gowing and T Armstrong

Australian Wildlife Research 12(2) 321 - 326
Published: 1985


During studies of forest and heathland birds undertaken by the authors in south-eastem Australia, 53 (1.3%) of 4184 birds caught in mist nets died in the nets or when handled for banding. Mortality was higher in the study offorest birds, where 2.8% of individuals died, than in that of heathland birds, where 0.5% died. There was no relation between the size or kinds of birds handled and mortality. Instead, the difference between the two studies was probably the result of better procedures for handling birds in the heathland study. Causes of mortality, and ways to avoid or minimize injury to or death of birds during use of mist-nets, are discussed.


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