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Comparison of Bird Populations in Remnants of Wandoo Woodland and in Adjacent Farmland.

GW Arnold, RA Maller and R Litchfield

Australian Wildlife Research 14(3) 331 - 341
Published: 1987


Data were obtained during 2 yr at Baker's Hill, Western Australia, in farmland with no trees, scattered trees or clumps of trees and 3 types of open woodland. There were differences in the number of bird species found in each habitat, ranging from 25 in woodland habitats to 11 in open farmland. In autumn, there were more aerial feeders in open farmland and farmland with few trees than in farmland with many trees and woodland, but fewer in spring. There were more ground-feeding seed-eaters in farmland with trees than elsewhere, except in autumn. There were large seasonal reciprocal changes in the numbers of thornbills in farmland with many trees and woodland, indicating movement between habitats. Within the woodland habitats there were only small seasonal changes, but there were large differences in numbers of some groups between the 3 habitats.


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