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The Distribution of Arboreal Marsupials in Relation to Eucalypt Forest Types in the Eden (Nsw) Woodchip Concession Area.

LW Braithwaite, DL Binns and RD Nowlan

Australian Wildlife Research 15(4) 363 - 373
Published: 1988


Data collected during clear felling are collated and presented on the distribution of arboreal marsupials in 16 forest vegetation types (FVT) in 7 FVT groups. Eight species were included in the study: Petaurus breviceps, P. australis, P. norfolcensis, Petauroides volans, Acrobates pygmaeus, Trichosurus vulpecula, Pseudocheirus peregrinus and Cercartetus nanus. Most of the individuals reported were in the following 6 FVTs: swamp gum (characterized by Eucalyptus ovata); mountain gum (E. dalrympleana)/manna gum (E. viminalis); peppermint (E. radiata or E. dives); southern blue gum (E. maidenii, E. cypellocarpa or E. nitens); brown barrel (E. fastigata); and brown barrel/gum (E. cypellocarpa, E. nitens, E. maidenii, E. viminalis or E. dalrympleana). The results are discussed in relation to present forest management and forest clearing procedures in the Eden region. Forests about to be cleared for Pinus radiata plantations or for farmland on private property adjacent to State Forests are predominantly of types identified as of high value as wildlife habitat.


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