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Habitat Relationships of the Herpetofauna of Remnant Buloke Woodlands of the Wimmera Plains, Victoria.

SA Hadden and ME Westbrooke

Wildlife Research 23(3) 363 - 372
Published: 1996


Twelve remnants of woodland dominated by buloke (Allocasuarina leuhmannii [A. luehmannii]) in the Wimmera Plains of Victoria, Australia, were investigated to evaluate the habitat relationships of the herpetofauna. Reptiles and amphibians were assessed by pitfall trapping, systematic searching and recording of frog vocalisations. Site characteristics that are likely to affect the species richness of herpetofauna in buloke remnants were determined. Nine reptile and 4 amphibian species were recorded from 6048 trap-nights and 216 h of systematic searching. A significant relationship was found between the herpetofaunal and reptile species richness and the level of past grazing pressure and vegetation understorey structure. No correlation was found between herpetofaunal species richness and the area of the remnant. Species richness of amphibians was best predicted by soil type. Habitat features associated with each species are presented. Implications for the management of remnant buloke woodlands and their herpetofauna are discussed and recommendations made.


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