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About the Editors

Editor - Andrea Taylor

Dr Andrea Taylor

Dr Andrea Taylor is a Senior Research Fellow and co-Head of the Molecular Ecology Research Group in the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University. Her research involves using molecular genetic approaches to investigate issues in vertebrate population biology. These are as diverse as abundance estimation, mating systems, population connectivity and impacts of landscape modification, and the assessment of management units. She has worked on many Australian marsupials including threatened species and those introduced to and now pests in New Zealand.

Editor - Piran White

Dr Piran White

Dr Piran White is a Reader in the Environment Department at the University of York. He has a wide range of research interests spanning wildlife ecology, management and disease, ecosystem functions and services, and the socio-economics of wildlife, particularly invasive species. His current research includes projects on the collaborative management of wildlife populations and disease transmission in mixed wildlife-livestock systems, biodiversity and ecosystem services in marine and coastal systems, and the social and economic aspects of wildlife management and biodiversity conservation.

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