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A revision of the Australian genera Austroaeschna Selys and Notoaeschna Tillyard (Odonata : Aeshnidae : Brachytroninae)

G Theischinger

Australian Journal of Zoology Supplementary Series 30(87) 1 - 67
Published: 1982


Austroaeschna Selys and Notoaeschna Tillyard are briefly redefined and the species of both genera are reviewed. A new genus, Spinaeschna, is erected, with the species previously known as Austroaeschna tripunctata (Martin) as type-species. Six new species, Austroaeschna muelleri, sp. nov., A. obscura, sp. nov., A. sigma, sp. nov., A. subapicalis, sp. nov., Notoaeschna geminata, sp. nov., and Spinaeschna watsoni, sp. nov., are described from imagines and larvae. It is established that Austroaeschna longissima (Martin) and Austroaeschna speciosa Sjostedt are junior synonyms of Austroaeschna uiitcornis (Martin), and that the correct name of A. unicornis sensu Martin (1909) and all later authors is A. pulchra Tillyard. A. speciosa is a northern subspecies of A. unicornis. The hitherto undescribed females of Austroaeschna flavomaculata Tillyard, A. multipunctata (Martin) and A. unicornis speciosa Sjostedt, as well as the previously unknown larvae of Austroaeschna atrata Martin, A. flavomaculata Tillyard, A. forcipata (Tillyard), A. multipunctata (Martin), A. unicornis speciosa Sjostedt, A. weiskei Forster) and Notoaeschna sagittata (Martin) are described and figured, and further details are given for other species. The infraspecific structure of some species is discussed briefly and illustrated. Lectotypes are designated for Austroaeschna aspersa Martin, A. atrata Martin, Dromaeschna weiskei Forster, Planaeschna longissima Martin, P. multipunctata Martin, P. sagittata Martin and P. tripunctata Martin. The adults and larvae of species of Austroaeschna are keyed, and those of Notoaeschna and Spinaeschna are compared.

© CSIRO 1982

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