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A revision of the Australian Mantispidae (Insecta : Neuroptera) with a contribution to the classification of the family. II.* Calomantispinae and Mantispinae

KJ Lambkin

Australian Journal of Zoology Supplementary Series 34(117) 1 - 113
Published: 1986


The Australian Calomantispinae and Mantispinae are revised. Three species are recognized in the Calomantispinae and 17 in the Mantispinae. The following new genera and species are described: Asperala (type-species Mantispa erythraea Brauer, 1867); Austromantispa trevori; Calomantispa venusta; Campion callosus; C. spiniferus; Spaminta (type-species S. minjerribae, sp. nov.); Toolida (type-species T. infrequens, sp. nov.); Xaviera (type-species Mantispa manca Gerstaecker, 1885). The following new synonymies are established: Calomantispa spectabilis var. nigrata Banks, 1913 and C. spectabilis var. maculata Banks, 1913 with C. spectabilis Banks, 1913; Euclimacia flavicostata Esben-Petersen, 1917 with Euclimacia nuchalis (Gerstaecker, 1885); Isla Navás, 1914 with Campion Navás, 1914; Isla verendus Navás, 1914, Mantispa pictiventris Gerstaecker, 1885, and M. tillyardi Esben-Petersen, 1914 with Campion australasiae (Guérin, 1844); Mantispa platycephala Stitz, 1913 and Mantispilla rubicunda Navás, 1933 with Carnpion tenuistriga (Gerstaecker, 1885); Mantispa verticalis Banks, 1920 with Spaminta pavida (Gerstaecker, 1885). As well as those noted above, the following new combinations are made: Mantispa hemichroa Navás, 1914 to Asperala; Mantispa pavida Gerstaecker, 1885 to Spaminta; Mantispa australasiae Guérin, 1844, M. crucifers Navás, 1914, M. tenuistriga Gerstaecker, 1885 and Mantispilla impressa Navás, 1914 to Carnpion Navás,1914. In addition to the previously described genera and species noted above, the following are redescribed: Austromantispa Esben-Petersen, 1917; A. imbecilla (Gerstaecker, 1885); Calomantispa Banks, 1913; C. picta Stitz, 1913; Campion rubellus Navás, 1914; Euclimacia Enderlein, 1909; E. torquata Navás, 1914. Mantispa vittata Guérin, 1937, M. chrysops Stitz, 1913, Manega luddemanni Navás, 1930 and Nivella rubella Navás, 1930 are nomina dubia. Mantispa strigipes Westwood, 1852, and M. scutellaris Westwood 1852 are excluded from the Australian fauna. Keys and distribution maps for the species are provided.

*Part I, Aust. J. Zool., Suppl. Ser., 1986, 116.

© CSIRO 1986

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