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Embryonic diapause in a hybrid between two Australian species of field crickets, Teleogryllus (Orthoptera : Gryllidae)

JR Macfarlane and FH Drummond

Australian Journal of Zoology 18(3) 265 - 272
Published: 1970


Contrary to the results of previous hybridization studies on Australian crickets, diapause has been shown to occur in eggs from the T. oceanicus 9 x T. comrnodus 6 cross. The reciprocal cross develops without delay. Diapause occurs at the same embryonic stage as in T, commodus and is accompanied by a similar drop in respiratory rate. In the light of our observations, the conclusion that diapause is absent from hybrids between diapausing and non-diapausing crickets in Japan and North America may be premature.

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