General Information

CSIRO Publishing welcomes new authors and suggestions for books. The types of publications we seek include:

  • academic, scholarly and professional works for research scientists, academics and those working in industry
  • general trade books that interpret science issues for a broader readership, mainly in the subject areas of natural history, the environment and the impact of science on society
  • children’s non-fiction books that introduce young readers to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) topics in an engaging and informative way

We are currently considering proposals for academic, scholarly, professional and general trade books in the following subject areas: Animals, Built Environment, Food and Agriculture, Marine and Freshwater, the Natural Environment, Physical Sciences, Plant Science and Science in Society.

Our children’s book submissions will be closed from 1 November 2023. We will re-open children’s submissions on 1 February 2024.

Our authors and editors are drawn from universities, research institutions, professional consultancies and author societies throughout the world. We are actively expanding our program with titles that have international scope and appeal.

If you are considering writing, the first step is to prepare a publishing proposal outlining your ideas. You do not need to have a finished manuscript for us to be able to assess your proposal. The earlier in the writing process we receive your proposal, the better we can guide you so that your manuscript meets the needs of your readers. We consider such manuscript development an integral part of the publishing process.