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Activity area and day-time tree use of the black-footed tree-rat Mesembriomys gouldii.

AD Griffiths , J Koenig , F Carrol and O Price

Australian Mammalogy 23(2) 181 - 183
Published: 2001


HABITAT management of wildlife is a fundamental component of most management programs aimed at the conservation of wildlife. Understanding the collection of resources and conditions necessary for a population's occupancy of a particular environment is considered vital (Garshelis 2000). Information on the amount of area required by an individual and areas used as refuges from predation or denning are two useful parameters. For the small mammal fauna of Australia's tropical savannas, the collection of this information has focused on associations with vegetation communities and trapping studies (Friend and Taylor 1985; Kerle 1985; Friend 1987; Braithwaite 1989; Kerle 1998).

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