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cover of Rays of the World New Cover featuring a compilation of photos of the bay with an old map of the Forthcoming
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cover of Rays of the World

Rays of the World

Peter Last, William White, Marcelo de Carvalho, Bernard Séret, Matthias Stehmann, Gavin Naylor
Hardback - December 2016 - AU $220.00
Great Barrier Reef photograph, underwater with two colourful reef fish.

Reef Fishes

Michelle Brayshaw
Paperback - September 2015 - AU $24.99
Cover image is a partial side view of a great white against a blue ocean b

Great White

James Woodford
Paperback - December 2014 - AU $34.99
Blue cover with light blue outlines of various types of sharks

Sharks of the World

David Ebert, Sarah Fowler, Leonard Compagno
Hardback - July 2013 - AU $89.95
cover of Sharks


Michael Bright
Paperback - October 2011 - AU $29.95
cover of Sharks and Rays of Borneo

Sharks and Rays of Borneo

Peter R Last, William T White, Janine N Caira, Dharmadi , Kirsten Jensen, Annie P K Lim, B Mabel Manjaji-Matsumoto, Gavin J P Naylor, John J Pogonoski, John D Stevens, Gordon K Yearsley, Fahmi
Paperback - June 2010 - AU $49.95
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The cover image of Living Waters, features four photogarphs, the top of a

Living Waters

Nick Romanowski
Paperback - October 2013 - AU $39.95
The cover image of Desert Channels, featuring a canoe on dried cracked ear

Desert Channels

Libby Robin, Chris Dickman, Mandy Martin
Paperback - September 2010 - AU $49.95
cover of Dangerous Marine Animals

Dangerous Marine Animals

Matthias Bergbauer, Manuela Kirschner, Robert F Myers, Geoffrey Waller
Paperback - February 2010 - AU $75.00