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Inhibition of Ethylene Production in Banana Fruit Tissue by Ethylene Treatment

M Vendrell and WB Mcglasson

Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 24(4) 885 - 896
Published: 1971


A temporary ethylene treatment, sufficient to stimulate ripening in banana fruit tissue, partly suppresses endogenous ethylene production and the evolution of ethylene from methionine. The production of endogenous ethylene does not return to rates normal for naturally ripening fruit after the exogenous ethylene is removed. The extent of inhibition is related to the concentration of applied ethylene up to 5-10 p.p.m., and to the duration of treatment within the period 12 hI' to 3 days. Other characteristics of ripening appear to develop normally, except in the shorter treatments, where respiration shows a lower climacteric peak and chlorophyll breakdown is delayed.

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