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Ngātiwai Whakapakari Tinana: Strengthening bodies through a Kaupapa Māori fitness and exercise programme

Kyle Eggleton , Lynette Stewart , Atarangi Kask


Aim: This article highlights the results of a Kaupapa Māori fitness and exercise programme that aimed to assist, predominately Māori adults, to lose weight. The programme was designed to support participants utilising Māori cultural values. Methods: A Muay Thai kickboxing exercise programme was developed with community involvement. Kaupapa Māori principles underpinned the programme, such as whanaungatanga and tino rangatiratanga. 93 participants were followed for at least three months. Participants blood pressure, weight, body mass index, mental well being scores, waist and hip circumferences were collected at regular intervals. Multiple linear models were used to calculate estimated changes per 100 days of the programme. Results: The mean duration of participation was 214 days. The estimated weight loss per participant per 100 days was 5.2kg. Statistically significant improvements were noted in blood pressure, waist and hip circumference, systolic blood pressure and mental well being. Discussion: The improvements in physical and mental wellbeing are thought to have stemmed, in part, from the use of Kaupapa Māori principles. The success of this programme strengthens the argument that programmes aiming to address the precursors of chronic disease need to be designed for Māori by Māori in order to reduce health inequities.

HC17068  Accepted 21 November 2017

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