Marine & Freshwater: Freshwater Ecology & Hydrology

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The cover image of Living Waters, features four photogarphs, the top of a

Living Waters

Nick Romanowski
Paperback - October 2013 - AU $39.95
The cover image of Wetland Weeds, featuring two large white lillies amongs

Wetland Weeds

Nick Romanowski
Paperback - September 2011 - AU $49.95
cover of Kimberley


Victoria Laurie
Hardback - October 2010 - AU $59.95
The cover image of Desert Channels, featuring a canoe on dried cracked ear

Desert Channels

Libby Robin, Chris Dickman, Mandy Martin
Paperback - September 2010 - AU $49.95
The cover image of Plankton, featuring yellow plankton set against a plain


Iain M Suthers, David Rissik
Paperback - May 2009 - AU $54.95
The cover image of The Waterbug Book, featuring a waterbug on a brown surf

Waterbug Book

John Gooderham, Edward Tsyrlin
Paperback - July 2002 - AU $49.95


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